What are The Steps to Certification?

The Steps to Certification?

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You cannot get certified without documenting how your business addresses the essential criteria of the ISO standards.

Some of the requirements that you need to document in ISO 9001 for example include:

ISO Consultant
Management Systems

Once your management system is documented and compliant with the standard for which you are seeking certification you must be able to show evidence that you follow your management system. 

 This evidence will largely be in the form of records from your internal audits, non-conformance and corrective action reporting, management reviews as well as practical evidence that you are following the key processes documented in your management system as required by the standard.


Once your management system is documented in accordance with the criteria of the standard for which you are seeking certification, and you have sufficient evidence (history of records showing compliance) you are ready for your external certification body audit.

To be ready for the certification audit, you are required to have the following:

Management Systems
ISO Consultant

The certification body audit is divided into two stages. Stage one is an initial desk top assessment of your written management system, procedures and other documentation. Stage one audits will normally be performed at your head office. The purpose of the stage one audit is to assess your readiness for certification. 

Stage two is an on-site assessment where the auditor will be auditing your business processes against your written management system.


Assuming you pass stages one and two, you will receive your certificate which is valid for 3 years.


To maintain your certification you need to continue to follow or comply with your management system. You will be re-audited every 6 – 12 months. The ongoing audits are called surveillance audits.