ISO 45001

Occupation Health & Management Systems (OHSMS)

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The ISO 45001 standard:

Make health and safety of your employees a priority.  Compliancehelp offers consultation to achieve ISO 45001 certification.  ISO 45001 provides a structured health and safety management system standard to help your organization.  ISO 45001 is universal and can be applied to any workplace regardless of industry.

When your organization is ISO 45001 certified, it establishes your commitment to the health and welfare of your management and employees.  Your certification provides credibility to external parties, including clients and stakeholders.

Occupation Health & Management Systems (OHSMS)
ISO 45001 Occupation Health & Management Systems

There were earlier standards for OHS management systems. OHSAS, a group of interested parties first released its 18001 standard in 1999. The standard was updated in 2007. In 2018, ISO superseded this standard with a new ISO standard, ISO 45001.

ISO 45001 was developed by a diverse standards committee, the same as other standards to help all types of organizations reduce, and where possible eliminate injury and illness.

ISO 45001 management systems primarily take a preventative approach to occupational health and safety by:
Furthermore, there is a focus on:
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