We specialize in ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 45001 Safety, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 13485 Medical, ISO 27001 Information Technology, ISO 17025 Laboratories, AS9100 Aerospace, ISO 20000 I.T. Service, CMMI and CMMC Management system standards. Our clients can attest to how our dedicated consultants work in making sure that your company gets the best option when it comes to ISO certification. Most of our clients get certified within 90 days and sometimes 30 days. If you would like to know more about our consulting services, don’t hesitate to send us an email or get a free quote now!

What our customers tell us.

Less than 20 days from first meeting to certification. I believe this was a kind of a record.
You explained very well the ISO 9001 requirements and I was very impressed how quickly you understood our processes.
It was easy then to do the adjustment and comply with the required steps: the Quality Management System (QMS), the Management Review and the Internal Audit.

Leonhard Korowajczuk,

Celplan International, Inc.

Andrew was instrumental in helping us get ISO 17025 certified. He provided strong guidance throughout the entire process. He was always available whenever our team had questions. We presented him with a tight timeline and he was able to help us achieve our goal. His service and professionalism were greatly appreciated by our organization. We would absolutely use him again for his consulting services.

Darren Peterson,

Natures Sunshine

…It didn’t take long to recognize Trenton was extremely knowledgeable on the requirements of an ISO 9001 audit. He conducted the audit thoroughly, professionally, and in a relaxed atmosphere, which kept the auditees comfortable.

This was our first experience with a virtual audit. We appreciated Trenton’s patience during some technical difficulties. He provided valuable information during the audit, which allowed us to be better prepared for our external audits, as a result, we had no major or minor findings.

We plan to continue using Trenton with Compliancehelp for our future internal audits…

Our experience with everyone at Compliancehelp has been nothing less than sterling.

Kendra Kirz,

Lead Auditor, Risk & Compliance

I wanted to reach out and let you guys know that we received our certificate of registration on Friday of last week. We got through our external audit with 0 minor/major nonconformities – and were able to effectively get through the audit without a hitch.

We couldn’t have done this without Trenton’s dedication to both document preparation and working with us to make sure that we understood everything that was going on – and we really want to recognize his effort in making sure we were on the right page and wouldn’t have any trouble getting through the audit.

And thank you Aubrey for being able to take on this project and connect us to the right people for the expedited turn time we were working under – we got so many people telling us it wasn’t possible that we were doubting whether or not it would be. We’re happy it was!
(2 weeks from signed agreement with Compliancehelp to ISO certificate in hand)

Jef Ritter,

Operations Manager, Recon RF

“Walked us though like a Prince!
Some people think they can do it on their own, then all of a sudden 3 months are gone, and before you know it, it is a year and a half and it is still not done.” (R2/ISO 45001 & ISO 14001. 9 Days from beginning consulting to beginning of stage 1 audit)

Israel Greenbaum,


“We…are now compliant with all the standards. We are recommended for certification on all 5.”
(Certification to TL 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, R2 Responsible Recycling.)

Christopher Borst,

Customer Support Engineer – Samsung Telecommunications America

“We were most fortunate, they will often tell you it takes at least six months to a year to get your certification. We had Compliancehelp come to us in August, I think, the 27th. We started out process then. We moved on to our stage II audit, which was from an outside auditor on September 27. And we received our certification on October 1st. So we were more than thrilled.”

Sheila Wilson,

Director of Contracts – Red Gate Group

Going into it I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult, but you guys made it super streamlined, super simple. We got through it in a timeline that we needed to which was amazing. You know hopefully we’re walking away with certification that we came into it wanting.
(From scratch to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification in 11 days).

Liam Rushmere,

Servicing Coordinator

Nathan and the Compliance Help team played a vital role in us achieving ISO 9001 compliance. If it were not for the experience and professionalism available to us from the team at Compliance help we would have a quality management system designed to make blanket, jargon filled statements with the aim of achieving compliance. Instead we have an efficient, concise quality management system that is tailored to run OUR business in a compliant manner. The certification auditor thanked us for making his job easy, that would not be possible if it were not for the Compliance Help team

Craig Edwards,

Dir. Of Operations, Miet Healthcare

“Your team was amazing and the final product was professional, complete and the themes were properly explained and introduced which make the process a lot more easy going.”

“I’m very pleased with your company”

Lymari Velez,

Quality Value Yield Manager – Georgia Pacific – VIRGINIA

I am very happy that you allowed us to switch to Andrew. He was able to pick up and get us, expeditiously, to where we needed to be and still meet our goal of 1/31/23 audit for certification. He was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Our internal auditor, Michael, was so friendly and a wealth of information. He provided great feedback and caught some items we missed with Andrew-however, given the appropriate time, I am sure Andrew would have addressed them. Overall our experience and correspondence with Andrew and Michael was very positive!!

Kerry Ashby,

Senior Director, PEO/HR + Payroll Operations

I was assigned the daunting task of acquiring ISO 9001 certification in a very short period of time. Our organization decided to consult with Compliancehelp and Trenton Steadman was assigned to assist me with the project. Not only did we meet the deadline, but we exceeded it. Because of Trenton’s professionalism, organization, insight, and dedication to the project we were able to successfully navigate the ISO process and achieve our certification. I can’t say enough about Compliancehelp and Trenton. They exceeded all our expectations and I highly recommend them to consult with you on any ISO project.

Bart Copes,

VP of Regulatory Compliance and Support services – Vanguard Resources, Inc.

We were extremely satisfied with the knowledge and support provided. They helped with updating QMS documentation and prepared us for an upcoming audit in just a few short weeks!

Josh Thompson,

General Manager – Prop Shaft Supply

“Compliancehelp was instrumental in organizing our Corporation for compliance to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.
We feel we got top-of-the-line service. It was very painless and Compliancehelp was easy to work with. Truly their service is second to none.
From this we landed 2 super major contracts and the ISO certification helped us so much.”

Marlin Lester,

Executive Vice President – Nacher Corporation

We knew from day one that Compliancehelp were the consutlants for us. Aubrey answered all of our questions and took the time to understand our intentions and company goals to move toward ISO 9001 and AS9100 certifications. Nate quickly and seamlessly helped our team navigate the standards, draft the QMS from the ground-up , and kept us on track and prepared for implementation success. The internal audit support by Seth not only helped us prepare our QMS for audit, but also served to give our team valuable insight into the audit process, common pitfalls and best practices.

I would not hesitate to recommend Compliancehelp to anyone looking for comprehensive quality management support. LaunchPoint certainly plans to continue working with Compliancehelp well into the future.

Brian J. Clark

Director of Engineering and Project Management

From a video testimonial https://youtu.be/W3BSAdlHl_4 

So, what I tell everybody is, you start talking about ISO and the requirements in ISO, and the one thing working with Damon and his crew, is that you guys spoke the same language that I speak. In other words, you were able to take something that was technical and kind of cryptic and put it into not just words that I could understand, but a process that I could actually perform and live to. In other words, we were able to take ISO, from what people call smoke and mirrors into something that was actual, tangible, doable, and still pass the requirements. We worked with 3 or 4 ISO consultants prior to finding Compliancehelp. We just didn’t talk the same language, and it was frustrating, it’s like banging a head against the wall, until I found you, Damon, we were just spinning our wheels. You had that ability to get us the last little bit of the way. And I think we’ve doing pretty good ever since.

Eric Tapia


From a video testimonial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPjzPS2v2uc)

The experience was really good. Nate was very helpful, he was straightforward, he knew everything that we needed. He was very friendly, and just everything made sense, the package that you guys had and the price. We killed it really fast, we got all the help we needed, and we passed the first time. No minors, no majors, nothing, everything was perfect. I would recommend you guys to anybody that would be looking for an ISO certification for sure.

Sebastian Parra

Quality Management

From a video testimonial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPjzPS2v2uc)

The process working with Compliancehelp was absolutely fantastic. Seth our consultant/auditor was absolutely fantastic.

We had really a lot of confused thoughts about how the whole process for 9001 worked and we thought it was a really big ordeal with a whole lot stuff to do and we realized we were in over our heads. We contacted you guys and Seth came in and made us all realize that you’re looking at it as if its this big of a project when it’s really only this big (using hands as a visual). We can really trim things down and get things done a whole lot quicker. It’s been fantastic.

Hughston Young

Quality Supervisor

Before we reached out to Compliancehelp our ISO management system was outdated and not user friendly. With Compliancehelp’s assistance we were able to streamline our system and eliminate a lot of waste through an integration of our 3 certificates. We just completed our external ISO audit and had no findings for the first time in many years.

Amanda Periman

Regional Quality Manager

It was excellent working with Nate, he is extremely professional, conscientious and very knowledgeable. He kept the team on track and patiently worked with us through any delays on our part and guided us through to spectacular documentation and an easy certification process. I would gladly work with Nate again and recommend him without reservation

Jay Munir,

President, Nobilis Consulting Group

Just wanted to check in with you and give you some feedback on Seth Shea who conducted our internal audit. From the start of this internal audit process Seth went above and beyond in every aspect of not only the audit, but all the way to giving thorough explanations of why and helpful tips. He was prompt and there no matter the time zone difference and were talking a 3 hour difference. He was very knowledgeable and patient answered all my questions even the ridiculous ones. I truly appreciate his time and efforts to help and guide us through this process. His attention to detail was impressive, he is a fine ambassador for your company.

Matthew Billingsley

Operations Manager, Trimble Combustion Systems

In 2017 we felt that our company was ready to apply for the ISO certification. We decided to check different companies to get a feeling who will guide us through the whole process; finally we were referred to Compliancehelp consulting by Dekra.

Nathan NeVille was assigned to our company, and he came in and took over the process like a storm, he delivered a series of sessions to get us acquainted with the certification process, He was hands on showing us how to do the self audits, and how to prepare other documents. Thanks to Compliancehelp and Nathan’s due diligence and preparing us for certification, we got certified with no significant issues in August 2017.

Four years later, we still use Nathan’s handouts to train our new employees and we just got recertified a few months ago. We truly appreciate what Nate did for us with his vast knowledge of the subject matter expertise.

Luis Gutierrez


For a small company, attaining ISO 17025 for the first time seemed like a daunting task. We engaged Compliancehelp and immediately got to work with Andrew to pull together our processes and documentation. Andrew’s knowledge, responsiveness, and professionalism were the key to us passing our testing the first time through. As we expand our scope, we will certainly be hoping to work with Andrew and Compliancehelp!

Dan Leary,

Partner, Denowatts Solar, LLC

The consultant was a joy, he was a perfect fit for our company. He really made this mesh with what we do. We are now much more analytical about the running of our business

Bryan Frazar,


Working with Compliancehelp was key to our ISO accreditation and subsequent transition to ISO 17025:2017.

Andrew was thorough, professional and always available to answer our questions.

Frank Commisso


GBL went from nothing to ISO  9001: 2015 certified in 7 months. It took us a little longer as we had absolutely nothing documented, not unlike a lot of other small businesses in our position. Compliancehelp, most notably Nate Neville, was instrumental in guiding us, basically holding our hands, through the process.

Since the initial independent audit in 2018, we have been re-certified twice more. We now have the confidence to tackle whatever comes our way with regard to process improvement. Being ISO 9001: 2015 certified has helped in not only getting some structure in place, but has also been a benefit when submitting proposals for new work. Our thanks to all at Compliancehelp, we highly recommend their services.

Stephan Hock

Senior Systems Engineer, GBL Systems

I am happy to report that Reingold has successfully completed an audit by TCB, and now can be considered an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. 

 Thank you very much for helping Reingold to prepare for this important step. It was a rewarding experience working with you and reviewing our processes and approaches.

Julia Pearce

Senior Communications Associate, Reingold

“..We were recommended for certification… She was a very tough auditor, and she didn’t overlook anything. But we passed so that is great!!!”

Kate Phin,

EH&S Supervisor – Kyocera America

Compliancehelp was thorough and professional with getting us certified in 30 days. I had my doubts but Trenton did an awesome job with our EQMS! Our auditor had no complaints with our EQMS which made the process enjoyable. Didn’t think we would be done so quick.

Jason Winn,

Production Manager

We love everything about your team. We never got that “salesperson” feel, and everyone was genuine and informative from the start…sharp as a razor.

I originally thought it was going to be like pulling teeth, but on the contrary, we had a pleasurable experience.

Good pricing and great service. You guys are awesome. Thank you for all your help!

Jacques Antikadjian,


“It was wonderful working with Compliancehelp. Our consultant was friendly and knowledgeable and clearly knew the ISO specification very well. He came in and helped us identify processes we already had, worked them so they would be in compliance with the specification, and then made recommendations for other processes that we could implement rather easily to complete our compliance.”

Jeff Giedt,

Lab Director and Vice President

Our consultant, Jared Clark, was professional but down to earth. He was always available to answer questions and was clear with his explanations. I never felt rushed or concerned at any point that we were unprepared. As you are aware, we were under a tight time crunch and you guys delivered as promised, well played. We signed on with you on August 5th and passed our audit on November 30th.

Carlos E. Garcia,


Nate helped us transition to the 2015 update seamlessly. He was inquisitive about our business, provided us great drafts for documentation, helped us establish data collection practices and run mandated exercises. He was a pleasure to work with.

Stefan Glomazic

Opus Group, LLC

Andrew was great in assisting me and educating me where I fell short. His work was very appreciated and I thank him so much for helping get my business started with an ISO accreditation.

Jon Mann

Joint Matters

“So easy, it was wonderful. Our auditor liked all the docs and all our people understood the docs. The auditor had the President laughing. It was awesome. The Compliancehelp team made it easy.”

Stela Heuschkel,

HR Manager, Chem-Con

We had a great experience with Trenton. ISO 9001 certification was a mystery to us. This was our first attempt at establishing a QMS. We didn’t really know where to begin. Working with Trenton and was like working with an experienced guide that knows the terrain very well. We were on one side of the compliance mountain range and knew we needed to navigate to the other side. Trenton knew the way and guided us step-by-step along the most expeditious mountain pass to the other side. He was knowledgeable, organized, professional, very engaging and an excellent communicator. He was able to quickly understand our line of business and translate that into a very useful QMS platform.

Will be coming back to seek his help as our business expands.

Alan Daniel

Tailwind Resource Group

Trenton is a good consultant to me. He is very knowledgeable. He had a flexible training schedule to reach my needs when I worked with him. He would adjust to my needs to meet the requirement, and respond to my questions in time. I will choose to work with him again if there is another chance coming.


IQA Metal

There is not a negative experience I can recall from the whole experience. From day one till where we are at now (In the middle of our certification audit), There was never a moment that Nate did not provide assistance and help change the processes in our company for the better. He was a consummate professional and helped explain the ISO world to us in an easy to digest manner. His late nights and subject matter expertise drove us to be better. It is apparent we hit a homerun having Nate assigned to our project and his level of care is unmatched. I would highly recommend Nate and Compliancehelp to any other company looking to implement an affective QMS system. It made us more process and quality driven and for that I am thankful, along with the whole team here at Mesa

Cruz Cabral

Plant Manager, Mesa Solutions

Ray and I did our audit last Thursday and Friday. I’m happy to say that we passed with no non-compliances and no further actions to get our certificate…
Thanks for the help and advice you gave us so we could be successful.

Kim Nelson,

MPD digital

I was very pleased with the speed that Compliancehelp was able to get us certified with ISO 9001:2015. We started working with them and were able to get fully through the certification audit in less than two weeks. We were able to get started with the training around the middle of December and the auditor was able to get us taken care of before the Christmas holiday…

Jed Stancato,


Did exactly what was required without going overboard. A manageable system. Worked with existing systems. It was easy to step up and improve.

Clinton Vanderkruk,

Plant Manager

Trenton has been stellar in assisting us with our ISO 9001 preparation.

He provided a clear roadmap and set expectations for us at every step of the process. The discovery process was long and arduous, but he did the heavy lifting of gathering information from us on our existing processes and artifacts, instructing us on where we needed to make improvements, and educating us on the nuances and the main focus areas of the certification.

The QMS document Trenton drafted was high-quality and captured the many facets of of our business in a clear and concise manner. He was able to ensure the QMS reflects our organization and its unique characteristics, while ensuring we meet the guidance of the ISO 9001 certification. Trenton also helped us introduce a few new tools into our management system to help us improve the quality of our organization. He gave us templates and provided feedback on our implementation of the new tools so that we would feel comfortable using them in our daily operations.

Trenton is very personable and easy to work with. Our meetings were long and certainly a bit tedious because of the volume of topics we needed to cover, but Trenton made these meetings go by smoothly, and provided the energy and lightheartedness to keep us motivated to press through them.

We are happy we chose Compliancehelp and had Trenton on our team. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to achieve ISO 9001 certification and improve their business in the process.

Stephan Ortman,

Owner, Ortman Consulting, LLC.

“The consultant worked with probably half of our executive team and each of them had nothing but good things to say.”
“… We started the certification process in March and by mid-May we were certified officially in all three standards… A pretty quick timeline.”

Rick Parker,

CEO – Encore Holdings (Tech For Less)

Trenton provided excellent customer service throughout our whole internal audit preparation process. For those areas where I wasn’t as knowledgeable Trenton was patient in walking me through what I needed to know and be prepared for as it related to our upcoming ISO audit. The level of preparation Trenton provided was significant enough that we were able to pass our ISO audits with no problems. I look forward to working with Trenton again.

Katrina Crippen

Manager, TFC

I want to thank you for your hard work and patience through this process. CPT was, according to the auditor, well ahead of the typical power curve. The tools and knowledge you provided coupled with the added information from the assessment really has set our QMS up for success. I really appreciate it.

Gary Lewis,

Command Post Technologies

Wanted to let you know that Sachin Systems Inc is currently ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and R2 certified.

Thanks for working with us and especially creating a perfect path for us to lead. Since we started this journey of R2 we made lots of changes not just to our work area but also in the ways we think and implement our ideas at our work place. It helped both me and Siva a lot.

Thank you again for all your hard work and your patience.

Suneeta Nidamarthy,


Damon was great help in getting our company ready for our ISO certifications.
Damon guided us smoothly through the process, had extensive knowledge that not only helped us achieve our certifications but helped us in defining our management system. I highly recommend him

Sarit Gattenyo,

Business Development Manager, Sentro Technologies

“We at Actega WIT, Inc. were pleased with our consultant for his approach in making our ISO 14001 certification process simple and easy to understand and implement. The consultant was very knowledgeable, intelligent and polite and we enjoyed working with him. We will definitely consider Compliancehelp again in the future for any other iso-certification need.”

Rashmi Patel,

EH&S Manager – Actega WIT

Trenton has been great to work with. After his audit I am confident going into our year 2 ISO audit. I appreciate his recommendations and observations

Daniel Wilkinson,

General Counsel, SpotterRF

Every step of the way with Compliancehelp was painless. We worked with Andrew and he created a new Quality Manual for our ISO 17025 accreditation. Andrew came out to our facility and walked us through the standard and explained everything clearly. They promised us 3 months when we signed up, and Andrew had it done quick enough for us to have our full assessment done within 90 days. We passed with zero non-conformances and were able to expedite our process for our certificate which was excellent for our business! The entire process went better than I could have hoped and was much better than my previous experiences with ISO standards.

Stuart Montgomery,

Revolutionary Engineering – Electrification Test Engineer

General Transformer Corp. has worked with Nate for 2 years regarding our ISO certification. Nate was very friendly and easy to work with. He has been responsive on email communications and was helpful in getting us audit ready. His work at our location was direct, thorough and to the point. Nate was punctual and we took care of business in a reasonable amount of time. We look forward to working with him again this year.

Chris Feinhalls

General Manager, General transformer Corp.

Nate was great to work with. Overall I feel as though we got our cert relatively quickly for a good price.

William Ritter

Operations Manager, Pacific Sensor

“No corrective actions!”

“It was good, it was great. Am glad I didn’t have to do all that you did. It was awesome that I didn’t have to write the manual. Glad I wasn’t on my own for this.”

“We got so much done in two days. Blocked altogether it was 24 hours of preparation. We didn’t have much preparation to do, it wasn’t overwhelming, kind of fun actually. A nice way to organize things.”
(ISO 9001. Started from scratch 8 April 2014. Certified 7th of May 2014.)

Katie Falconer,

CFO, Relcor, Inc., FLORIDA USA

My company used Compliancehelp to assist us in our ISO 17025 accreditation. It was by far the best decision we could’ve made for our ISO audit. We were honored to work with Andrew on our Quality Manual, he made sure we understood the necessary information that was pertinent to our audit and future tasks that were mandatory to stay compliant. He was very patient with us and offered unprecedented help when anyone on our team had questions. Our auditor from PJLA was surprisingly impressed with the structure and detail outlined in our Quality Manual, our ISO pre-assessment went so smooth with no non-conformances we decided to expedite our final assessment with confidence and acquired our ISO 17025 accreditation in only 3 months. We value the hard work and time that Andrew and his team contributed to our company’s efforts and we will continue to suggest them for anyone seeking accreditation, they were outstanding.

Cynthia Brewer,

Director of Operations and Sales

I think it is safe to say that we would not have been able to achieve this without your services in the beginning. The Auditor was very impressed with the manual and stated “your manual is in the top 5 or all manuals that I have seen for a company of this size”

Darrel Jones,

Compliance Officer

Thanks so much for all of the outstanding support provided by your consultant. The value of her knowledge and support is immeasurable.

Mike Lange,

Plant Managing Supervisor, ZD Metal Products

Nate and Compliancehelp has guided PCU through complicated ISO audits every year with success.

Without Mr. Neville’s guidance through the entire process this would be a yearly “Stress” for our entire company and staff.

We will continue to partner with Compliancehelp in the future!

Mark Parker

General Manager, Powder Coatings of Utah

The auditor was easy to speak with, professional, down to earth and really knows his stuff.

Mark Allsbrook,

Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement

I would like to thank you and your company for assisting me in getting Power Diagnostic Instrument Company certified to ISO 9001.
For a small company like us, you provided valuable assistance in getting us qualified. Your patience and taking time to understand our business was very useful and I appreciate it.
You made my job very painless in coming up with the quality manual and also setting up the procedures for continuous improvements. Your knowledge of the standard and how we can improve our business potential by using the right procedures is very valuable. I think every small company should follow the approach you suggested.
Once again thank you very much for your great help in achieving this milestone. You made it a very painless process for me.
I hope to continue to work with you as we grow and progress in the future.
Thanks a lot for all your help.

Jay Gosalia,

General Manager, Power Diagnostic Instrument Company

“I’m tickled with it” (the OHS Management System).

“We have seen many ugly unreadable documents. Open this and it’s so familiar”

Mark Stein,

OHS Manager

I recommend Nate to all your future customers based on my experience working with him.

Our company was making a transition to ISO 9001: 2015 and Nate worked with me and helped me with the paperwork.

He was very knowledgeable regarding the requirements and we worked together on all the requirements and as a result we have achieved our ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

Nate was very professional, humble and very easy to work with.

I wish him and your company all the best.

Syed Makii

Operations Manager, Duratec

“It went great! You made it effortless, made it smooth. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to your assistance everything was prepared, verified and good to go”.

Quincy Minor,

COO of Information Transport Solutions, ALABAMA USA

I wanted to say how pleased we are with everything Damon has done. Everyone is really impressed all the way up to the Group VP. We sent him the manual yesterday. He couldn’t believe all that was done for the price you guys charged.

Jim Morris,

Director of Engineering

“Happy we had no corrective actions. The whole process was nice, quick and thorough.”
“… we thought it was only a standard, then we saw how to better our business … Definitely better prepared for the future.”

Dipesh Patel,

Project Manager, Infinilux

“Compliancehelp’s approach worked really well for Data Hardware Depot, a growing network telecom business. Not only did they ensure our quality management system was well within ISO 9001 quality standards, but we can confidently make process improvement changes as we continue to grow and not fear additional consulting fees to change our documentation. There was minimal disruption to our busy organization and ultimately the whole experience was positive.”

Mary Kearns,

Administration Manager – Data Hardware Depot

“It was a great experience working with Compliancehelp Consulting, LLC. Our consultant was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help us identify existing processes within our organization and show us how they applied to the ISO Quality Standard. He also assisted us in developing a Quality Manual that works well with our business. Our audit went very smoothly and we got our certification very quickly.”

Lisa Horrigan,

Health, Safety, & Environmental Coordinator – Cyclo Industries

The certification went very well just a couple of very minor things but we are certified and will receive the confirmation next week. You did a great job working with us and we do plan to use your services again in the future.
Thanks for the good job

Edward Lloyd,


“No discrepancies, nothing to correct.” “With your assistance it went a hell of a lot smoother.” “It was a pleasant surprise … my Christmas present”

Lisa Strickland,

Owner, Mobilab

Other consultants asked us to follow their procedure, but Compliancehelp worked with us .. we felt very comfortable working with them.
Compliancehelp is very kind and detail oriented. They made a manual that was very suitable for us so we did not need to take extra steps to comply with ISO.

Kozo Amemiya,

Owner, Airy Technology

“With the final result I was extremely pleased … Perfectly satisfied with how it worked”.

Carl Ulfig,

President, J & C Laser Services

Utterly professional and provided Secom with not only excellent service, but improvements in certain areas of our current procedures

Ross Barnes,

General Manager

It was much simpler than we first thought, that’s for sure. Easy steps to follow. Certification went without a hitch.

Luke Galvin,

Managing Director

The auditor actually commented that he enjoys auditing the work done by Compliancehelp. I was amazed at how smoothly its gone… It was very settling.

Bob Nigro,

Managing Director

Found the consultant professional, knowledgeable, easy to understand, and easy to work with.

Neil Wilson,


“Sulzer would like to thank you and Compliancehelp for their assistance in getting this done. We understand you have extended your support and replied to all our emails and answered all our queries. We remain indebted to Compliancehelp for achieving the certification. Once again thank you for the services rendered.”

Santosh Kumar,

QESH – Sulzer Pumps

You’re a Superstar

Roland Palazzolo,

Managing Director

… has helped us streamline our management systems. I really liked that they didn’t want to change what we are doing. It was simple to adapt to QA.

Brian Gabriel,


Very well approached and simplistic. Catered to our needs. Friendly and approachable. A good experience. Not just needs and compliance met, but has had a positive impact.

Adam Butler,

Director, Indianic Diving Services

We have found the process very beneficial…the process with Compliancehelp as well as the certification identified where the systems needed tightening up.

Robyn Condon,

Mgr Community Services

Completely happy, exceeded our expectations. Something that seemed daunting was simple. Took the headache out of it.

Xristos Anictomatis,

Managing Director

Easiest and smoothest implementation of any accreditation that I have ever done. I would work with Compliancehelp on any certification in the future.

Valentina Taparcevski,

Qual. Co-ord.

We found it exceptionally helpful. The services were definitely worth the dollars spent. The external auditor complimented us on the system.

Shilo Tombe,


Went really really well. We liked the fact that there was no additional paperwork. It was a simple process to reach certification. The consultant was fantastic.

Amanda Nielsen,

PA to the Director

Very enjoyable. – easy! These certifications have made all of our staff much more confident in what they do and how they do it.

Deb Delimitros,


The Auditor was very impressed with the simplicity of our MIS document – the briefest but most effective QA document he has seen…

Matthew Clarke,


It gave me peace of mind; it meant that I could concentrate on other things, like produce dollars. The benefits to our company have already been felt…

Warwick Spiller,

Managing Director

Having completed your … audit today, I have gained a strong insight into how well you put together your customer’s … systems together. I would have no hesitation on recommending you for this work.

Roger Dennerley,


I would like to thank you for all the thought and effort that you have put into the project. I am proud of the finished result…

Alan M. Jones,

Managing Director

This system is exactly what we required. BRILLIANT!

Trevor Schuck,

Works Manager

Over the course of our work with Compliancehelp, I have seen the change in our company culture and we have made significant improvements in efficiency.

Ken Varcoe,

Managing Director

The attitude toward helping management and their co-workers is much stronger. YES, I believe that this is well worth it…I believe that there is now a much better attitude and respect within our workplace.

Lance Firmin,

Workshop Manager

As a company, we were always hesitant to go through the ISO process because we had heard various negatives from others who had gone through it.
Wow, am I glad we found Compliance Help. They were very straightforward and they made it a relatively easy process, that was handled very quickly on our schedule.
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking at ISO certification.

Shaun Griffin,

Vice President

Gave exactly what we wanted. Was flexible, gave good service, good backup, tidied up loose ends, time frame was good. Most happy.

Jeff Eastwood,

General Manager

I have just completed the certification audit for this company who have an excellent system and I was quite happy to recommend their certification. Well done


The experience … has been a rewarding one. The entire process was very predictable and was based on much common sense.

Codrin Mitin,

Managing Director

Fantastic. An eye opener. I’ve sat in terror in front of an auditor before, but really, this is no issue and it makes life easy for everyone else.

Jan Phillips,

Document Controller

Well organized and followed up to ensure everything was done. Gave very clear instructions as to what was required. Easy to relate to.

Managing Director

Very good. Easy to understand. Made everything excellent. Was made in a language I could understand. The job ran very smoothly.

Pauline Thompson,

Administration Manager

Extremely happy … Already started to give benefits, the certificate just caps it off. What was implemented was excellent.

Dave Hackett,


We were surprised at how easy it was to achieve certification. Very professional. The simplicity of the process amazed us.


“It was great. We went through and passed. You did a great job. You prepared me for what they would be asking for. Everything was great, everything was smooth.”

(ISO 9001. Started from scratch 8 April 2014. Certified 7th of May 2014.)

Armando DIaz,


Thank you for your work on our new ISO system. Megan and I appreciate you taking your time and understanding this was a new process for her and I. The training and help you provided to her and I made our certification process go very smooth. With only one minor corrective action that was fixed before the auditor left was very impressive. Thank you again and we look forward to working more with you and Compliancehelp. Thanks.

Kalenne Holbrook,

Director of Human Resources

I enjoyed the whole process, it was a good experience. Working with Compliancehelp has been a pleasure. very easy to understand. Took the mystery out of ISO.

Peter Mundy,

Operations Manager

By having Compliancehelp formalise our management system to meet ISO 9001, we were able to secure a government contract potentially worth $9,000,000

Blair Cunningham,

General Manager

The guys on the site were blown away at how simple this was. They got something in writing that flows.

Mick Bould,

Quality Manager

Without your cooperation and services, this was not achievable.

Umesh Banga,

Assistant CEO

Helped by blowing air into our sails. … such an unpainful experience. Such a relief to not be over-regulated. Disruption to the business was minimised.

Stephanie Gustafson,


Gaining QA with Compliancehelp was quick, painless, positive & professional. It was a lot easier than expected.

Alexander Nowell,


It streamlined alot of processes. Very pleased. We thought it would be a horrendous amount of work, but were greatly surprised and pleased instead.

Kim Gaard,

Managing Director

It was wonderful … What I liked most was: Straight to the point, Wrote to our individual needs and not 17 volumes of generic rubbish. Fantastic, an enjoyable few days.

Louis Haslam,


Not tied down with paper. Working around what we do. System is easy to monitor. A breeze! Did everything for me.



Very pleased and happy with the professional nature of the quality manual.

Ben Tornatore,

Operations Manager

We have received our ISO Certification … Thanks again for making the process so painless! It went really well. All due to how simple you made it for us.

Rachael Rose,

General Manager

The consultant cleared the air and made it more understandable. Put on paper what could have been a difficult thing and made it common sense.

Greg Rattenbury,

Managing Dir.

Professional, uncomplicated, and a pleasurable experience.

Greg Transell,

General Manager

My team and I want to thank you for helping with our Quality Manual and the upgrade to 17025-2017. My assessment, this past summer went well. The assessor was impressed with the structure and content of the manual. I will recommend you and your organization to anyone asking for a referral.

Peter McCullar,

Director Of Service

I really liked that he didn’t want to change what we are doing. Did not impact dramatically on the business. It was simple to adapt to QA.

Mick Bould,

Quality Manager, Q Electrical

I have conducted certification and surveillance audits on many of Damon’s clients. Certification has been achieved by all
companies audited.

Oliver Evans,

Managing Director, International Certifications

It was all common sense. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Grace Perez,

Managing Director

Compliancehelp has been an excellent resource over the last several years. Even when there have been no formal scheduled meetings, I have been able to pick up the phone and get guidance. Always responsive, ready to chat and give guidance. I really valued that, it has meant a lot to me.

Stephen Sobota,

Quality and Compliance Manager, Hyla Mobile

Anniversary note:
Thank you so much for the help and guidance you provided with our ISO 17025 accreditation. Even a year later, we find example after example of reasons to thank you.

The Demartek Team,

Demartek Services

While our company was pursuing to become ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited during 2018, we decided to use the services of Compliancehelp Consulting to help us out in getting ready for this goal. Mr. Andrew Hartman was assigned to help us out, and he essentially was able to prepare us for the upcoming assessment of accreditation later that year. Mr. Hartman was very knowledgeable and helpful, not only through the preparation for the assessment but also during and after the accreditation was completed. We are very pleased with the services provided by Compliancehelp Consulting and would recommend it to any organization looking to become ISO /IEC 17025:2017 accredited or any other ISO needed.

Marlon Gullen,

Lab Manager, Industrial Scale Co.

Thanks. I enjoyed working with you. It really paid off in the end. Everyone is happy with the good assessment result.

Steven Smith,

Principal Engineer

Andrew was great. He exceeded my expectations… He was able to create our QMS that made sense for my business. He did a great job… We are much more confident. Thanks to Andrew. Great Job.

Ed Bresnan,

The CMM Guy

Having lost our key internal Compliance employees, we were faced with a dire dilemma. Our R2 audit was scheduled and we had no one internally with the skill set to assist us with the audit process. We contracted Damon Anderson with Compliancehelp to guide us through the audit process. Albeit remote, Damon was able to quickly assess our gaps, assign action items to our team, held us accountable, and followed up to ensure we were meeting our key audit milestones. Damon’s assistance played a key role in helping us successfully renew our R2 certification.

Oscar Treviño,

VP of Operations, CExchange

I would be happy to tell you what a wonderful job Andrew did helping my company. He was professional, knowledgeable and quick to respond to my many questions.

Tony Hicks

Owner, TH Instruments

“I’ve been through some audits, but these are user friendly auditors. They’re easy to get along with. A professional audit, but we were made to feel relaxed.”

David Hutchins

Director, Caylamax Demolitions

“Happy with our discussions which have led to improvements in our system. It’s been good having a date looming, prompting us to get things done. It’s beneficial for our internal systems to have an external person looking at them from a different view point.”

Len Oldfield

Managing Director, Hasthill Consultants

“Extremely professional. Painless and supportive. Requirements were clearly expressed in a non- threatening environment.”

John Hambridge

National Training Manager, Maurice J. Kerrigan

“The Compliancehelp auditor was really good. Did great with the time. A lot of material but kept moving fast. Really enjoyed working with the auditor.

“[Regarding online] I liked it because I’m a virtual person. It can be challenging getting someone out here at a time that suits everyone’s schedules. Really convenient. Really liked it.”

Eva Vasquez

Admin Manager, Del Machine Shop

We really appreciate the auditor’s help thru out the entire process as well as the internal review that he conducted for our organization.

With using the proprietary app for internal review, Nate was able to precisely summarize all the details and samples to be reviewed in advance and improve a lot on the efficiency throughout the process.

The internal review report was comprehensive and in a clearly understandable format for us to easily review and take actions on any corrective items if required.

Again, thank you very much for your help!

Dennis Huang,

DH Engineering Lab

Oh my gosh the auditor was great. He was taught well and did a wonderful job.


The auditor was great with timing and was patient.

It was all great. Seriously, no complaints.

David Khanayatev,

CFO, OEM Source Inc

Transparent, open and fair.

Easy, orderly, and professional

Terry Ward,

Management Representative, Fenco Noise Barriers

It’s a good auditing program that stream lines the audit process by eliminating the need to re write audit plans on paper.

And it compiles and generates a report without taking the time to create the report. Saving time and paper 🙂

Bryce Kelchner,

Quality Manager, MK Magnetics

It was amazing. The auditors were very patient and very clear with their questioning. Very intelligent.

We had a great experience, really did.

Regarding the remote audit, this was a proper audit! I now feel confident going into the certification audit. Thank you.

David Elarar,

General Manager, Swipe Ice

Thought it was a great tool (the i-Comply app). Good for taking you step by step through the QMS to verify compliance. And, I like how it spit out a report at the end. Our certification auditor really liked it too!

Darrel Jones,

Patriot Ordnance Factory, Compliance Officer

The audit service works well. We make a plan, stick to it, and get it done. I look at it as a partnership.

Steve Williams,

Con-Tech of California, President

Good. The audit was pretty thorough. We found plenty of places for improvement, that’s what you try to do, make yourself better.

Eric Tapia,

President, East Coast Machine

(Regarding virtual auditing) “Didn’t believe it at first. There is no need for on-site auditing. Remote is the best way, absolutely”

Mike Hamed,

President, Stallion Technology and eCrush-IT Services

I think the remote audit is excellent as it doesn’t restrict when, where or who can do it.  Being located on the other side of the world meant the audit didn’t disrupt my existing project commitments.  The meeting software is great as I can directly share my screen and show the required information.  The audit report is great as it clearly identifies the items to address.  The audit worksheet provides clear information on what was reviewed/assessed and the actual findings from it.

Overall this process is great and really suits me well particularly for time.  Having to take time out to do audits in the “office” means its taking away time from my current secondment so 1 day away means over $1000 missed.  SO being able to do this remotely and at a time that suits me and yourself was perfect.

Daniel Innis,

Director, DCI & Associates

The internal audit was much more thorough/tougher. I kind of expected that though. I thought the certification audit would look at a few key sections, which he did. The internal audit looked at everything.

Thank you for helping us get this done very quickly. The experience was excellent… Everything went very smooth. The audit opened my eyes as to where we’re falling short with our Quality Management System. Thanks again for all your help.

Jason Snavely,

General Manager, Leonard’s Molded Products

The iComply audit was a success.  I will plan on doing this again next year.  The auditor did a great job and was more thorough than our official auditors.

Jim Morris,

Director of Engineering, ITWEAE

We spent another big day with Mike yesterday working through our Internal Audit and just wanted to say how much we appreciate Mike’s help – he is a wonderful man and so good to work with – we really enjoyed his company, and most importantly, his technical advice and guidance on our QA journey – he really knows his stuff!  Please pass on our sincere gratitude for his help.

Mal Cadioli,

Brisbane Bushcare, Australia

I thought the audit was great. Learnt a lot. I think we’ll come out of it with a better, more accurate manual. We’ve had auditors that were a*****es in the past… we didn’t have an auditor that was an a*****e [with iComply] 🙂 so the audit went really well. He’s a nice guy.

Ethan Ormsby, Quality Manufacturing Engineering and Maintenance Manager

Trillium Flow Technologies

The audit went really well! Very thorough. We have some gaps identified to fill or eliminate now. Thank you for your help.

Spencer Johnson, EHS Specialist

Trillium Flow Technologies

Trenton Steadman was amazing again! Mr. Steadman is extremely professional, an industry expert and very detailed oriented. Mr. Steadman has to be one of the most talented auditors in the industry! We will continue working with your company as long as you keep auditors like him!

Niels Merino-Thiebaud, Vice President of Corporate Development

Erimax, Inc.

We had a really good experience working with Lee from the start. He was very open and honest and he was always available whenever we needed. If we needed to pick up the phone or send an email, very responsive, very professional. And it was a good experience from the start all the way through to actually gaining the certification.

So, I would definitely recommend Compliancehelp. It was chalk and cheese from the first consultant we were using, we were very happy with the service.

Joe Collins, Founder.

Elite Wind

100% percent would recommend Compliancehelp.
I haven’t worked with anyone other than Lee but I am sure everybody in the organization is the same as Lee.
We’re a contract manufacturer. We specialize in electrical contact materials for circuit breaker and switch manufacturers and we also provide consultancy.
one of our large OEM manufacturers required us to have ISO certification and so we moved forward with it at a fairly rapid rate. We started the process in March and as of yesterday have been approved, we’re still waiting for our certification to come through, but yeah, very smooth and easy move using Compliancehelp.
Lee is phenomenal. I think all of his experience and backgrounds in the various parts of his life have helped this transition from being ISO aligned to ISO compliant and now ISO certified. He’s very helpful, he made timing provisions based on the different time zones wherein and made it very easy for us. He led me through the various changes we need to make, coached me on all the areas where we needed to make them and provided all the support and backup with documentation and examples and that that I needed. Made it very easy.
I would say just get involved, pay the deposit and move forward. I have no reservations with using compliancehelp again and would give them 10 out of 10 and highly recommend them to anybody looking to get ISO certification in the future.

Brett Quarmby, Owner.

ECI – Electrical Contacts International