Management System Theorists

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Dr Edwards Deming, Juran, and other such management consultants from mid-20th century to today have increased our knowledge on the importance of management systems.

By way of introduction, Dr Edwards Deming (an American) is considered to be one of the leading consultants that helped change Japan from its status of being a low quality manufacturer to its present premium quality manufacturing status. This is certainly no small feat, particularly because the turnaround occurred in reportedly four years.

With that as a background, it should be of great interest for any business to know what he taught. Consider this insight from Dr Edwards Deming: 80 to 95% of an organisations problems are problems with the system, and not with people working in the system. Is that correct? What do you think? If so, much of management theory as we know it today is based on people Management, how effective can it be? What Dr Edwards Deming is really getting at is that an organisation would be a more effective organisation if it worked on improving its management system.

Management Systems