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Relcor, Inc. – Certified in 30 days and no corrective actions

Our unique method can get you ready for ISO certification in as quick as 30 days with no compromises.

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From their website, “Relcor manufactures truly tamper evident high security and indicative seals for the transportation industry. Our unique and patented seals & systems are designed to deter access to cargo containers/trailers and to quickly and easily show evidence of an attempted invasion.”

In order to achieve accreditation to ISO 17712, ISO 9001 was a prerequisite.

Relcor engaged Compliancehelp to provide the management consultation services. Timing of certification was very important which was one of the reasons Compliancehelp was chosen.


The certification audit can be a harrowing experience (if you are unprepared). Armando Diaz, COO of Relcor Inc. mentioned however that their auditor was a “nice guy” and also that the auditor was organized and controlled. Funnily enough, Katie Falconer, CFO of Relcor, Inc. also mentioned the auditor was a nice guy but added that the audit experience was “Good”.

 Armando’s comment was brief “It Was great. We went through and passed. You did a great job. You prepared me for what they would’ve been asking for. Everything was great, everything was smooth”.

We found Armando to be well-organized. He made it easier for us to understand the operational processes, and was very committed to customer satisfaction.

Katie Falconer had a few welcome comments also. Most particular “NO CORRECTIVE ACTIONS!”

Regarding Compliancehelps service, Katie revealed “It was good, it was great. Am glad I didn’t have to do all that you did. It was awesome that I didn’t have to write the manual. Glad I wasn’t on my own for this”.

Speaking of the on-site experience with the consultant, Katie mentioned “We got so much done in 2 days.” Often a consultant is not so prepared or planned and ties up much organizational resources. It is a benefit to our clients that we can be in and out in 2 days.

A rare bit of insight from Katie shows the importance of highly customized ISO manuals. It’s all very well to get a manual written, but implementation can be another thing altogether. On this topic Katie mentioned “Blocked altogether it was 24 hours of preparation. We didn’t have much preparation to do, it wasn’t overwhelming…”

Most people equate ISO certification and auditing as intimidating and dry. Imagine our delight when Katie mentioned of the experience that it was “kind of fun actually.”

The ISO 9001 standard is meant to be a benefit to any organization so it was nice that Relcor is benefitting from it already. Katie mentioned it was “A nice way to organize things.”

What great comments and thank you for them.