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We develop fully customized quality, safety, and environmental management systems making certification easier and saving a lot of time and money. Most clients certified within 90 days, sometimes 30 days.

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Sit back and relax. Save time and money. This is what we do best. Because of our unique mix of speed, expertise and care, this service gets you where you need to be fast

About the Premium Consulting Service:

For each of our services, we strive to be different from the services offered by other consultancies, case in point, our Premium Consulting Service. We have developed a method that cuts through the extra weight of other manuals and delivers a management system from scratch that really makes life easier, and dare we say it, makes compliance with standards simple and even enjoyable.

Most would baulk at using the word “enjoyable” when discussing boring and hard standards compliance, but ask our clients, and some have admitted such feelings. We don’t make you fit into a standard, we don’t use a template, we make compliance easy, and most importantly, we make compliance with the standard a real benefit to your organization.

Companies suited to this service will enjoy having a consultant that will not over complicate things and that will let you run your business the way you want to, in accordance with the selected standards.

Because we get it right from the start, make it easy all the way to certification and after certification, this service is not only the best, but t is also the quickest and easiest path to certification. In many ways, because we get it right, it is possibly the cheapest way to get certified.

Our Premium Consulting Service is best suited to organizations that:
*If the organization is happy with their procedures, they should try the Gap Analysis and Gap Filling service or the Readiness Review.
Why should I use Compliancehelp as my consultant?
Consulting Service