Why Do You Need Quality Assurance Services for ISO 9001 Certification?

Most companies in this fiercely competitive world seek for quality assurance services to ensure they are competent and eligible for ISO certification. ISO 9001 is an internationally acclaimed certification that proves a company’s quality management. Achieving the standard demonstrates a company’s fulfillment of key requirements for quality management and ensures that it maintains a high-quality production structure to provide products or services.

Quality assurance or quality control in business calls for the implementation of a rigid management system that will take care of every aspect of production and the supply chain. This is generally called the quality management system or QMS which will ensure that all of your intermediate products provided by suppliers, the processes used for production, and the final products meet with specifications from the quality standard, ISO 9001.

Let’s find out how the quality assurance services by ISO professionals are useful for introducing quality control solutions in your business and getting your company ready for certification.

Thorough Quality Inspections

Your employees are very involved in running the production processes, therefore, they may not be able to identify any deficiencies in the processes. Sometimes external expertise is required to check for non-conformances. Quality assurance consultants know different industries, their quality requirements, and the necessary safety measures. When they thoroughly inspect your production processes and supply chain, they can easily determine any limitations or deficiencies. This could be a failure in the product’s quality to meet customer expectations, a waste of resources, delayed delivery, or potential risk of recall. The experts have the right discretion and assessment procedures that will help them find any faults in the production and supply system.

Internal and Supplier Audits

Quality assurance experts are often auditors as well, who can perform suppliers audits and internal audits to analyze if your company is ready for ISO certification. They will perform an internal audit, which thoroughly assesses the QMS and checks whether it adheres to the specified conditions of the ISO 9001 standard. The supplier audits, on the other hand, will help you know the supplier processes and how they can be improved for efficiency and quality. Audits will help your company and its suppliers to find whether any improvements are needed in their areas of operation to better meet the quality expectations of the customers.

ISO Certification Guidance

Apart from preparing a business for ISO certification with quality control inspections and auditing, the quality assurance agency also quickly guides a business through the process of achieving certification. From the initial consultation to internal auditing, their turnaround time to make your company eligible for ISO 9001 is faster so that you have to spend less in the entire process. At the initial consultation, they will help you understand your certification requirements and goals for quality management. They codify them into the practices and framework called a QMS, and offer a strict measure for overall quality control in the business. When the QMS is eventually implemented by your management, the internal auditors will assess it and check for compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements.

Bottom Line

The purpose behind ISO 9001 certification for businesses is always and improvement in quality. By introducing strict controls, the standard helps them meet the quality expectations of their customers and reduce the incidence of faulty products or recalls. An assessment or evaluation is carried out by the ISO certification body before issuing the certificate, therefore, it is suggested that companies perform an internal audit before the certification audit to ensure their processes are ISO 9001 compliant. Quality assurance services from an expert agency will be needed to complete an internal audit. They will also help in improving quality controls, implementing a QMS, and thoroughly assessing the business to find any possible non-conformance with the standard. If there are non-conformances, they will suggest methods to address them in a given time frame. Once the compliance requirements of ISO 9001 are met, the company will be certified.

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