What is An ISO 14001 Certification?


How Does An ISO 14001 Certification Needed?

ISO 14001 is a management system standard focused on managing interactions with the environment we live in. We find that most organizations are quite interested in their impact on the environment and for good reason:

  • Let’s face it, we live in our environment, we naturally to want to preserve it.
  • A significant impact on the environment is use of resources, and resources cost money.
  • Our impact on the environment affects others, including employees. Significant and needless impact on the environment can lead to loss of reputation, sales and reduce employee motivation.

Other Possible Reasons that Made ISO 14001 Certification In Demand:

Other reasons why interest in the environment has increased is due to the following:

  • Preserving our environment
  • Resources cost money

I was once auditing an organization for ISO 14001 certification. I walked into a room built for their air compressor. There was an oil leak and the oil trail was leading to the storm water drain. Appropriate corrective action was taken to soak up the oil trail and rectify the leak. The incident provided me with an opportunity to ponder other impacts, especially there was a financial impact.
Just a side note, when you are preparing for your ISO 14001 certification audit, before the auditor gets there, take a walk around your premises and look at your premises through the eyes of an auditor. If there are any leaks, dripping taps, ground contamination, etc., these should be rectified. Often you will not fail your audit as the ISO 14001 audit is more about your management system rather than the amount of incidents observed, however, it is not a good look and it can look like you do not care and / or have a poor ISO management system.

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