What Does the ISO 45001 Internal Audit Checklist XLS look like?

Maintaining an ISO 45001 internal audit checklist is necessary when your organizational human resource is vulnerable and already faces severe consequences due to third-party interference. Creating an internal audit checklist for the ISO 45001 can be a valuable tool for ensuring that your organization’s Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) and follows the ISO 45001 standard. You can use Microsoft Excel (XLS) to create a checklist that suits your organization’s specific needs. The International data employee’s safety management system standard is vital for not only occupational health and safety but for many other organizational aspects as well.  From risk management to employee safety management. The ISO 45001 plays a vital role in maintaining company sustainability.

The checklist is primarily made for conducting these audits. An internal audit is performed before your employee security management system is registered for the ISO 45001 certification. The audit basically judges and determines if the performance of the system is worthy enough to minimize employee health and workplace safety-related risks. The audit checklist Excel sheet is made of several questions related to the ten clauses of the ISO standard. The clauses are as follows:

• Scope of the program

• Normative references

• Terms and definitions

• Organizational context

• Leadership

• Planning

• Support

• Operations

• Performance evaluation Continual improvement

These clauses set the statutory compliance, which must be met to ensure an effective and streamlined occupational security management system. The questions enlisted in the audit checklist Excel sheet are all based on these clauses.

The following blog provides an example of an ISO audit checklist Excel for the ISO 45001 accomplishment. It discovers the prime questions, which help the management to determine compliance with the clauses.

What does an ISO 45001 Internal Audit Checklist XLS include?

Questions are to be enlisted according to the clauses. For each clause, two to three questions are to be selected. You can use the following as your guiding support.

Clause – Organizational context

Q.1 – Are all external and internal issues related to occupational health and safety set out?

Q.2 – What are the interested parties from both the internal and external sources?

Q.3 – Does the system effectively address the strategic vision, products, objectives, and expectations of all the parties?

Clause – Leadership

Q.1 – What is the fundamental role of the top management in securing the occupational safety of the company?

Q.2 – Does the management take complete accountability for workplace-related safety and security?

Q.3 – Does the management team time-to-time communicate about the strategic, functional, departmental, and individual objectives for occupational health and safety?

Clause – Planning

Q.1 – What framework does your system use for identifying the possible risks?

Q.2 – What type of correctional measures have been determined by the management?

Q.3 – Does the management timely implement the strategies? How are they integrated into the operations?

Q.4 – Have you considered if any change in the management system is required in the future

Clause – Support

Q.1 – Do you have a comprehensive understanding of the resources and infrastructure you need for the ISO 45001?

Q.2 – Do you have any plans for evaluating the effectiveness of those resources?

Q.3 – Do you have any training plan for the employees?

Clause – Operations

Q.1 – Have you coordinated with your contractors regarding the plans for the ISO 45001?

Q.2 – Have you set out any process?

Q.3 – Have you integrated the process?

Clause – Performance evaluation

Q.1 – Do you know what do you have to monitor?

Q.2 – Do you know when should you evaluate?

Q.3 – Do you have any structure for evaluation?

Clause – Improvement

Q.1 – Have you detected the areas that need improvement further?

Q.2 – What process do you follow for measuring the non-conformance?

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