The Steps Required in Order to Get ISO 13485 Certified In 30 Days

The 13485 ISO standard is the globally recognized process for quality management in the medical device production industry. It is often regarded as a key mechanism for brand establishment. The policies and objectives set by the international standard of the 13485 ISO act as a support system for improving quality performance, employee morale, and strategic strength.

With constant technical advancements and scientific progress in the medical field, there is constant market pressure for highly effective devices. Since a single technical mistake in a device can even cost a human life, the reliability factor is crucial for every medical device production company.

What are the key benefits of the 13485 ISO Standard?

• Improved quality performance

• Increased brand loyalty

• Customer acquisition

• Enhanced profit margin

• Efficient mobilization of resources

• Competitive edge

• Niche market

Today, there is an increased demand for fast certification. For a relatively faster accreditation, companies often overlook crucial details and analyses. If 100% compliance is not met, the certification process will get stuck in the audit and review process. This will increase both cost and time leaving the entire journey in a state of flux.

For a hassle-free certification in less than a month, there are three precise steps a company can follow under professional guidance. The following blog will outline them briefly.

Four Steps to Complete the 13485 ISO Standard In 30 Days

1. Clear your concepts

More than 50% of companies lose track of progress made and their certification journey gets delayed only because they lack the fundamental knowledge regarding the clauses and requirements of ISO 13485. The precise requirements of the standard include:

• Determining organizational context and the scope of the system

• Policies and planning

• Quality management system implementation

• Leadership

• Resource management

• Product realization

• Continual improvement through measurement, analysis, audits, and reviews

Registering your system without complying with the fundamental regulatory terms and conditions of ISO 13485 will lead to complete waste of time and money. Your system will eventually get rejected by a third-party audit team. Instead of getting information online hire expert consultants who will clear the pathway by simplifying the terminologies of the clauses.

2. Analyze the Gaps

The requirements can be fulfilled only when you will determine the gap between your current system’s current state and desired objectives. A gap analysis is crucial to achieving compliance and a gap analysis is conducted through the following phases:

• System type identification and reviewing present functions.

• Determining the objectives with SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals.

• Measuring the difference between the present system and the desired state.

• Establishing strategies to fill the gaps and modify the system.

Experience and sector-specific knowledge are a must when performing a gap analysis. Instead of following online templates, call professionals who have an ample amount of knowledge and expertise. A single mistake in the gap analysis can lead to damages beyond recovery.

3. Fill the gaps

Once, the gap is determined, it is easy to find relevant strategies for rectification. While choosing the strategies to meet requirements, consider your existing resources (human, technical, and financial).  

4. Audit and reviews

Review progress after executing gap-filling strategies and actions. Internal audit and readiness review are two vital analyses, which ensure that your system is performing according to expectation, or it is falling short. This is the first process before registering your system for external audits and certification. Conduct an internal audit under the guidance of a certified auditor. Generally, ISO consultants conduct the analyses as they are registered experts. A successful audit is always documented and followed by review meetings where stakeholder opinions are shared and evaluated to take further decisions for improvement.

With the right support, these four steps can be completed within a 30-day period. Effective consultants provide tailored guidance that will match your system’s expectations. Moreover, their comprehensive guide will help you to conduct the necessary analyses even after you receive the accreditation.

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