How to Make Your Management System Ready for the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has turned the world upside down, and we do not know when things will go back to normal. There has been an unprecedented impact on business during this crisis, and many business owners and manufacturers do not know how to get back to their previous level of productivity and profit. The economic shockwaves of the pandemic are felt in every sector, with sales going down and employees having a difficult time finding work, organizations need to update their management system to maintain their productivity and get back to their usual functioning capacity.

International business management standards, including ISO standards, will provide additional requirements for businesses to ensure they are ready to deal with the effects of the pandemic. Therefore, the development of a comprehensive management system with pandemic crisis management, and knowing how to achieve ISO certification is very important for businesses. While the COVID-19 crisis is affecting every aspect of life, and economies are struggling to stay normal, organizations need to work as a support system. They must make changes in their management system so that they can handle the crisis and keep operations running.

Here is what you and other organizations need to do to incorporate COVID-19 crisis management in your management system and keep your business running.

Understand the Requirements for a Health Pandemic Policy

The impacts of the COVID-19 have affected the economy, so businesses must prepare themselves with contingency plans and other measures to prevent their workplaces from being further affected. The health sector is consistently trying to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases, and you must help them by meeting every precautionary requirement in your business. If you have a management system that is compliant to ISO standard, it is now a prerequisite to evaluate its pandemic risk assessment capabilities and update it with the new pandemic risk management requirements. New requirements that your ISO certified management system should include are:

  • Risk assessment procedures (regular thermal screening, sanitizing, etc),
  • Mandatory occupational health and safety policy,
  • Business continuity plan and measures,
  • Contingency management plan.

Even if you have not certified your management system with an ISO standard, you need to include these aspects into your core business management system. It has become a pressing need to ensure health and safety, which will increase your productivity. Additionally, to get ISO certification you must consider updating your management framework with COVID-19 policy requirements.

Talk to Occupational Health & Safety Consultants

Occupational health and safety or OH&S consultants have in-depth knowledge of the ISO 45001 certification and its requirements. This standard certifies the OH&S management system in businesses and ensures that workers are protected from accidents, injuries, or illness in the workplace. It also includes providing health insurance and other health benefits to ensure the wellbeing of workers. OH&S consultants will help you strengthen your OH&S policy and amend it with new safety requirements for COVID-19. At Compliancehelp Consulting LLC, we have a dedicated team of OH&S consultants who can help you modify your OH&S management system and prevent COVID-19 risks from affecting your workers. Our experts stay up to date with proper pandemic procedures and how spreading risks can be prevented, and can suggest effective measures or actions.

Increase Resistance to Challenges in Future

Because the COVID-19 crisis could continue for a while, every business, even those who have never considered implementing an OH&S management system, should implement it. Besides that, this outbreak has helped businesses realize that they must be prepared for all sorts of risks, including natural disasters and virus pandemics. With a solid business continuity plan, risk assessment and emergency management can become two integral parts of your business management system, and further help to protect your business from any future crises.

Summing it up!

Giving up is never an option for business owners. Even if your business has been badly affected by COVID-19, it is necessary to keep going by backing your business with a well-calculated and effective management plan. Consider incorporating all precautionary measures in your existing management system and ensure your management system is ISO certified, making it compliant with the new requirements of COVID-19 crisis management. If you do not know how to achieve ISO certification, we at Compliancehelp Consulting LLC will help you! We take all necessary precautions to improve our compliance with the pandemic policy and can assure you that we ensure your business is well prepared for the same.

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