Learn the Role of Certified Auditors in The ISO 9001 Process!

What is the fundamental ISO 9001 process? Ever wondered why calling audit specialists is necessary to complete the quality management process? It is not an unknown fact that the ISO 9001 is the global benchmark for maintaining quality of service and products. To implement an effective quality management system, a company needs to accomplish ten clauses within international quality management system. Without an audit, the entire process is meaningless. An audit adds value to the entire process as it will diagnose and determine areas that still need corrections. To optimize quality and ensure customer satisfaction, the ISO 9001 process demands close inspections and periodic monitoring.

The audit process is critical. It is best to hire audit specialists who are experienced and certified practitioners. For the ISO 9001 standard implementation, companies must hire ISO 9001 certified auditors only. The reason is that the amount of knowledge and dedication the analysis requires can only be fulfilled by an authorized professional.

The following blog will outline several aspects vital to the process for the ISO 9001 certification and discuss the role of certified audit experts as well. Their responsibilities in fulfilling the compliance requirements are enlisted here as well.

What is the ISO 9001 process?

1.Gap identification

The process begins with the identification of gaps between the present quality management system and prescribed quality objectives. An assessment is run to evaluate the present and past performance of the quality system. The root causes of the existing flaws are analyzed and according to the findings, strategic plans are designed and executed.

2.Modification and implementation

Followed by a gap analysis, the process then moves into the modification and implementation phase. At this stage, companies hire consulting professionals that offer bespoke solutions to improve their quality systems. If the existing system is entirely flawed, then a new system implementation must be completed. Based on individual system problems, the professional will design measures and determines relevant resources. The certification process majorly depends on these two phases. Through modification and implementation, the fundamental clauses of the ISO 9001 are complied with. The previous step is a gap analysis that helps you determine which clauses and terms are not being met by the current system’s performance. The clauses are as follows:

• Normative references

• Terms and conditions

• Scope of the program

• Context of the organization

• Support

• Leadership

• Policies

• Operations

• Performance evaluation

• Continual improvement


Once a company establishes an effective system through implementation and improvements, it is time to check on progress made. An audit is the ultimate analysis of the management system that adds value, saves time, and ensures compliance. To determine whether the modified system works according to expectations and complies to all previously mentioned clauses. Then a two-step audit round is conducted with the help of certified professionals. First, the stakeholder groups are interviewed. In the next stage, all the data is evaluated, and a list of errors are made. The management team is asked to review all errors and decide what further initiatives they want to focus on for correction. To complete the entire phase, you need the guidance of ISO 9001 certified audit specialists.


A review of the management personnel is the last round before registration. The audit specialists often help to organize such review meetings when the readiness of the system is determined.


The process ends with registering the reviewed system for third-party audit and accreditation.

If you hire audit experts, then the entire process will be complete without any exhausting. The skilled experts will streamline things to help you in meeting a compliance. You can however hire them only for an internal and surveillance audit as well. To find the best professional support for implementing the ISO 9001 process requirements, contact us at Compliancehelp Consulting LLC. We are a premier site for achieving any ISO certification in the US. Our bespoke solutions for ISO and other global certifications are ready to make the seemingly exhausting process of accreditation, comfortable and hit all timelines. From basic consultation to audit and analysis, we will cover everything. Get help to clear your concepts regarding the clauses of the ISO 9001 standard.