Learn About These Crucial ISO Certifications of IT Companies

The IT (Information Technology) service sector is at the center of every economy. It’s one sectors that is interlinked or interconnected with many other sectors in the world because everything is now digital. Critical sectors like healthcare, education, finance, electronics, retail, and travel heavily depend on IT infrastructure that includes software development, websites, apps development, network security, hardware deployment, and etc.

Clearly, this places immense pressure on IT companies to provide quality services and keep pace with numerous ever-changing requirements all while maintaining consistent quality. This blog will highlight the most critical ISO certifications of an IT company and explain why they are needed. If you are an IT service provider, then learn about these certifications and seek ways to implement and achieve them in order to improve the excellence of your services and grow.

ISO Certifications of IT Company & Why They are Crucial for IT Services

You should prepare your IT services company for these certifications to ensure quality services, data safety, and operational continuity.

ISO 20000

This is the specific standard for IT service management system (ITSMS) and must be the priority of every IT company. These standards were designed by ISO to provide guidelines and requirements to IT organizations to help assist in the development of an effective ITSMS. The ITSMS would help them enforce best practices for delivering quality services, ensuring security maintenance, innovating, and incorporating new technologies into their services.

Clearly, adopting the standard in your IT company will improve the way you manage your IT services. It will make you capable of delivering services faster and enhance the quality consistently for higher client satisfaction.

This standard is no doubt significant for an IT company’s success! The ITSMS works as an integrated system promoting a process improvement approach and instilling best practices across your organization which will help you meet the expectations of your clients as well as other stakeholders. 

ISO 27001

This is the standard essential for ensuring data safety in your IT services organization. It is the certification that you should get by implementing a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) in your organization.  The ISMS will help you manage the privacy of your crucial information assets including financial data, customer data, stakeholder/third party information, intellectual property, personnel details, and confidential business information.

Your IT service organization needs this standard to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining the secrecy and integrity of vital information assets. It will show that your organization is able to keep all information entrusted by customers, employees, partners, and third parties safe and for the intended purpose. The ISO 27001 further helps in establishing an efficient risk management which ensures business continuity. When the ISMS is implemented, your organization can identify risks earlier, prevent & address them, which ultimately helps avoid operational downtime and legal non-compliance issues.

Having this certification of your information security management will boost your position or competitive advantage in the IT service sector. Businesses or clients search for companies that have this certification to ensure that their sensitive information is never handled carelessly, manipulated, or breached. Therefore, getting this certification will open many doors i.e. new business opportunities for your company, and will enhance your potential for growth.

ISO 22301

This is the business continuity management standard and is extremely crucial for IT organizations these days when economic uncertainties, global crises, and situations like pandemic are common.  Achieving these standards calls for the implementation of a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) which will help your organization to be prepared for emergency situations and respond to them in a systematic way to ensure continuity.

Any disruptive event that happens will ultimately not have a negative impact on your business operations nor will it affect your employees, stakeholders, and clients. You will also not experience a downward trend of your reputational as an IT provider. Therefore, by meeting these standards for business continuity, you can prevent any such repercussions on your employees, customers, partners, or your reputation.

Key Takeaway

The above certifications are most relevant for IT service companies. These certification standards help them to establish management systems, enhance efficiency of processes, and improve the quality of their services continually. However, apart from these internal benefits, there are many external advantages that they get from these certifications which include a boost in company’s image, corporate reputation, more opportunities in global markets, and ability to win potential contracts.

There is no doubt that these ISO certifications of IT company will truly benefit for your organization, both internally and externally, regardless of size and or the specialized services provided. They are also going to be viewed as enhanced assets and benchmark achievements for your company. Thus, you should look at these certifications as investments that will provide greater ROI in the near-term and ultimately long term.

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