Is the ISO 17025 Certification vs Accreditation A Myth?

People often wonder about ISO 17025 certification vs accreditation. Their common question is whether both are the same or entirely different from each other. The ISO 17025 is a globally recognized standard for the industry of testing and calibration. The standard offers a precise set of policies, requirements, and procedures for maintaining the reliability, validity, and quality of the calibration or testing results.

The certification enables a company to achieve compliance. Accreditation is synonymous with certification. They are not entirely different from each other as you can identify several similarities between the two. The difference lies in the predominant nature of the two subjects. The following blog has emphasized the distinct features of each.

What is the ISO 17025 certification?

It is a form of confirmation of a laboratory’s quality management system. When a calibration or testing company is ISO 17025 certified it means the results it provides are calculated through conducting a valid process. The certification is a powerful aspect of establishing and maintaining customer loyalty.

What is the ISO 17025 accreditation?

Unlike the former, accreditation is a higher level of recognition for a laboratory or calibration enterprise. It affirms that the accredited laboratory is competent enough in performing tests and providing reliable results to the customers according to the standard of the ISO 17025.

What are the main differences in nature?

ISO 17025 CertificationISO 17025 Accreditation
It is the global standard specifying the primary requirements for maintaining the competence level of a laboratory or calibration organization. When a laboratory efficiently meets all the requirements of the ISO 17025, a third-party certification body visits and conducts an audit. As soon as the laboratory passes the audit assessment, it is granted the certification.It is a form of organizational recognition that helps companies to establish a brand reputation. An accreditation always performs beyond the capacity of a certification.
Accreditation is typically conducted by national or international accreditation bodies that have been authorized to assess laboratories’ compliance with standards such as the ISO 17025. When a laboratory is accredited, it demonstrates a higher level of competence and is often considered more trustworthy in its field of testing or calibration.

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