Five Reasons You Need the ISO 13485 Standard for Medical Devices

The increasing competition in the medical device production industry is threatening the existence and sustainability of small and medium-sized companies. Due to the ongoing pressure of delivering high-quality products to meet customer expectations, the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices should be acquired as early as possible. This certification acts as a strategic shield and adds value along with a competitive edge. The international standard is best known for providing a solid framework to maintain quality of your devices. From the design of the devices to the final delivery,ISO 13485 provides a comprehensive guideline for companies. The certification ensures a company understands its responsibility towards its community and customer segment. The value they deserve and the demand they have should be met from time to time. Here are the top five reasons for getting the standard to beat market competition.

Reason 1 -Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the key to success. If the long-term vision is sustainable growth, then quality standard maintenance is necessary. ISO 13485 is the global benchmark for quality control and efficient management. The basic framework for quality assurance is plan, execute, check, and react. The international framework supported by the ISO 13485 standards streamlines these phases and determines that the result must meet the objectives and the fundamental policies. For anyone within the manufacturing industry, design and delivery of products are the two crucial stages. A quality assurance program must accompany them to ensure customer satisfaction. ISO 13485 establishes the requirements for the program and help the management team in procuring necessary resources. Through communicating the policies and providing proper trainings to individuals, companies get the proper amount of coordination and cooperation from their internal stakeholders.

Reason 2 – Competitive advantage on point

With constant focus on science and technology, the medical device industry is constantly evolving. Companies are coming up with new equipment and facilities every now and then.  To endure the competition, companies must work on its strengths. To earn, maintain, and develop a competitive advantage, the best strategic option is ISO 13485. A holistic guidance model assists companies in detecting existing flaws and potential risk factors. It provides ample time to take corrective measures that prevent disruptive events from happening.

Reason 3 – Stakeholder engagement

Without stakeholder engagement and promptness, a company can hardly survive harsh competition outside. Your company cannot perform efficiently if it does not have proactive employees and their full support. Stakeholder consciousness and participation are critical to meet objectives. To promote employee involvement, a company first needs to educate its employees about the need for quality management along with helping them to understand their role in the process. ISO 13485’s clauses demand leadership and stakeholder engagement for achieving the desired goals. It’s protocolsincrease employee morale and allow internal stakeholders to put their valuable insights into the time spent on reviews and audits. Stakeholder engagement is a necessary requirement for developing contingency strategies and funds.

Reason 4 – Customer loyalty

The fundamental purpose of ISO 13485 is to ensure operations are meeting customer expectations. Customers prefer to stick to a single vendor when they are certified to ISO 13485 standards. It makes a company more reliable to its clients many customers prefer to check whether a company has good quality management system in their operations or not. They review ratings, go through reviews to ensure their chosen seller is certified. By implementing stringent quality control protocols, a company establishes a strong brand and gradually earns customer loyalty.

Reason 5 – High-profit margin

Drawn by enhanced customer loyalty, a company gets the opportunity to increase its profit margin. Since the standard is customer-oriented, the system even helps companies to attract new customers, which further boosts the revenue margin.

Bottom line

Medical device manufacturers are expected to deliver tools, which augment the recovery process. This predominant goal is the basis for a successful and sustainable business ahead. The ISO 13485 standard for medical device manufacturers and suppliers does not only offer basic guidelines to accomplish customer demands but also support a company in concentrating on different organizational aspects including employee morale, stakeholder engagement, leadership, and risk assessment. Therefore, it is a great mechanism for increasing credibility and decision-making power. It is recommended to get expert suggestions and consultation before registering your system for the accreditation.

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