Eight Key Points to Remember for TL 9000 Quality Certification

The TL 9000 quality certification is from the house of ISO 9001. It is precisely crafted for measuring and standardizing quality assurance for the telecommunication industry. The aim of this standard is to create a streamlined process for maintaining high-quality services to satisfy customer preferences and demands. Every company needs a comprehensive and strategic approach for continual improvement of the process. If not rectified from time to time, management might collapse, and companies would have to pay government penalties.

There are numerous cases of quality compromise in the telecommunication industry. The standard is a prime requirement not just for satisfying customers and maintain industry standards, but also to sustain market competitiveness. Currently, one of the most competitive business sectors is the telecommunication sector. One can discover a plethora of companies offering the same facilities at almost the same price.

For sustainable growth and market expansion, quality assurance is crucial. The quality standard is the easiest method for opening the gateways for customer acquisition. There is a list of points, which are establishes the fundamental growth of the TL 9001. The following blog will emphasize these eight points in detail.

What are the eight key points of the TL 9000 quality certification?

1.Relation to the ISO 9001

As already mentioned, the standard falls under the house of the ISO 9001, which is the global piece for quality management systems. The foundation of the TL 9000 is designed by the clauses of the ISO 9001. The overall format is almost the same, only a set of industry-specific guidelines have been added in the TL 9000. 

2.Industry focus

The focus of this standard is to improve the quality management system of the entire telecommunication industry. It includes the manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, and service provision areas. To improve the tools and their long-term service, the TL 9000 was designed a set of clauses and requirements, which are to be attained for 100% compliance.


To implement the standard into the system, a specific metric should be followed. Generally, a performance measurements checklist is used for checking the progress and performance of various aspects related to the telecommunication industry, including processes, audits, reviews, and commitment to improvement.

4.The origin

The standard is developed by the Telecommunications Industry Association in the US. The publication dates to 1991 though the standard has subsequently gone through a plethora of changes.

5.Process of certification

The certification process involves a set of precise steps like gap analysis, internal audit, readiness review, and documentation. For an effective implementation of the standard, a company must adhere to the clauses and terms of the TL 9000. Companies must identify the flaws in the existing process through gap detection, then move on to conducting audit and management documentation. Before registering the system for third-party audit and accreditation, the management is expected to organize a review meeting where individual stakeholder groups will share their opinions.

6.Benefits of getting the certification

• Increase in profit margin

• Brand empowerment, establishment, and brand loyalty

• More customers

• Niche audience group

• Bigger market share

• Enhanced sustainability

• Low-cost production

7.Continual improvement

A tracking and measuring process must be streamlined to check the progress and detect flaws in the system. One of the main clauses of the TL 9000 is continuous improvement for contingency setting. With the help of these metrics, each phase is to be monitored and evaluated.

8.Global Recognition
The certification helps to augment market exposure as the standard is a global one. The certification is valid not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. Most of the big-shot telecommunication companies and suppliers are authorized by this benchmark. Also, many of them are still in need of this.

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