We specialize in ISO 9001 Quality, OHSAS 18001 Safety, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 13485 Medical, and ISO 31000 Risk Management system standards. Our clients can attest to how our dedicated consultants work in making sure that your company gets the best option when it comes to ISO certification. Most of our clients get certified within 90 days and sometimes 30 days. If you would like to know more about our consulting services, don’t hesitate to send us an email or get a free quote now!


  • “We…are now compliant with all the standards. We are recommended for certification on all 5.”
    (Certification to TL 9000, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, R2 Responsible Recycling.)

    Christopher Borst - Customer Support Engineer - Samsung Telecommunications America
  • “We were most fortunate, they will often tell you it takes at least six months to a year to get your certification. We had Compliancehelp come to us in August, I think, the 27th. We started out process then. We moved on to our stage II audit, which was from an outside auditor on September 27. And we received our certification on October 1st. So we were more than thrilled.”

    Sheila Wilson - Director of Contracts - Red Gate Group
  • “Your team was amazing and the final product was professional, complete and the themes were properly explained and introduced which make the process a lot more easy going.”

    “I’m very pleased with your company’s support.”

    Lymari Velez - Quality Value Yield Manager - Georgia Pacific - VIRGINIA
  • The consultant was a joy, he was a perfect fit for our company. He really made this mesh with what we do. We are now much more analytical about the running of our business

    Bryan Frazar - President
  • “Compliancehelp was instrumental in organizing our Corporation for compliance to international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.
    We feel we got top-of-the-line service. It was very painless and Compliancehelp was easy to work with. Truly their service is second to none.
    From this we landed 2 super major contracts and the ISO certification helped us so much.”

    Marlin Lester - Executive Vice President - Nacher Corporation
  • “..We were recommended for certification… She was a very tough auditor, and she didn’t overlook anything. But we passed so that is great!!!”

    Kate Phin - EH&S Supervisor - Kyocera America
  • “It was wonderful working with Compliancehelp. Our consultant was friendly and knowledgeable and clearly knew the ISO specification very well. He came in and helped us identify processes we already had, worked them so they would be in compliance with the specification, and then made recommendations for other processes that we could implement rather easily to complete our compliance.”

    Jeff Giedt - Lab Director and Vice President
  • Our consultant, Jared Clark, was professional but down to earth. He was always available to answer questions and was clear with his explanations. I never felt rushed or concerned at any point that we were unprepared. As you are aware, we were under a tight time crunch and you guys delivered as promised, well played. We signed on with you on August 5th and passed our audit on November 30th.

    Carlos E. Garcia - VP
  • “So easy, it was wonderful. Our auditor liked all the docs and all our people understood the docs. The auditor had the President laughing. It was awesome. The Compliancehelp team made it easy.”

    Stela Heuschkel - HR Manager, Chem-Con
  • Did exactly what was required without going overboard. A manageable system. Worked with existing systems. It was easy to step up and improve.

    Clinton Vanderkruk - Plant Manager
  • “The consultant worked with probably half of our executive team and each of them had nothing but good things to say.”
    “… We started the certification process in March and by mid-May we were certified officially in all three standards… A pretty quick timeline.”

    Rick Parker - CEO - Encore Holdings (Tech For Less)
  • Wanted to let you know that Sachin Systems Inc is currently ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and R2 certified.

    Thanks for working with us and especially creating a perfect path for us to lead. Since we started this journey of R2 we made lots of changes not just to our work area but also in the ways we think and implement our ideas at our work place. It helped both me and Siva a lot.

    Thank you again for all your hard work and your patience.

    Suneeta Nidamarthy - Owner
  • Damon was great help in getting our company ready for our ISO certifications.
    Damon guided us smoothly through the process, had extensive knowledge that not only helped us achieve our certifications but helped us in defining our management system. I highly recommend him

    Sarit Gattenyo - Business Development Manager
  • “No corrective actions!”

    “It was good, it was great. Am glad I didn’t have to do all that you did. It was awesome that I didn’t have to write the manual. Glad I wasn’t on my own for this.”

    “We got so much done in two days. Blocked altogether it was 24 hours of preparation. We didn’t have much preparation to do, it wasn’t overwhelming, kind of fun actually. A nice way to organize things.”
    (ISO 9001. Started from scratch 8 April 2014. Certified 7th of May 2014.)

    Katie Falconer - CFO, Relcor, Inc., FLORIDA USA
  • “We at Actega WIT, Inc. were pleased with our consultant for his approach in making our ISO 14001 certification process simple and easy to understand and implement. The consultant was very knowledgeable, intelligent and polite and we enjoyed working with him. We will definitely consider Compliancehelp again in the future for any other iso-certification need.”

    Rashmi Patel - EH&S Manager - Actega WIT
  • I think it is safe to say that we would not have been able to achieve this without your services in the beginning. The Auditor was very impressed with the manual and stated “your manual is in the top 5 or all manuals that I have seen for a company of this size”

    Darrel Jones - Compliance Officer
  • “I’m tickled with it” (the OHS Management System).

    “We have seen many ugly unreadable documents. Open this and it’s so familiar”

    Mark Stein - OHS Manager
  • “It went great! You made it effortless, made it smooth. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks to your assistance everything was prepared, verified and good to go”.

    Quincy Minor - COO of Information Transport Solutions, ALABAMA USA
  • I wanted to say how pleased we are with everything Damon has done. Everyone is really impressed all the way up to the Group VP. We sent him the manual yesterday. He couldn’t believe all that was done for the price you guys charged.

    Jim Morris - Director of Engineering
  • “Happy we had no corrective actions. The whole process was nice, quick and thorough.”
    “… we thought it was only a standard, then we saw how to better our business … Definitely better prepared for the future.”

    Dipesh Patel - Project Manager, Infinilux
  • “ComplianceHelp’s approach worked really well for Data Hardware Depot, a growing network telecom business. Not only did they ensure our quality management system was well within ISO 9001 quality standards, but we can confidently make process improvement changes as we continue to grow and not fear additional consulting fees to change our documentation. There was minimal disruption to our busy organization and ultimately the whole experience was positive.”

    Mary Kearns - Administration Manager - Data Hardware Depot
  • “It was a great experience working with Compliancehelp Consulting, LLC. Our consultant was extremely knowledgeable and was able to help us identify existing processes within our organization and show us how they applied to the ISO Quality Standard. He also assisted us in developing a Quality Manual that works well with our business. Our audit went very smoothly and we got our certification very quickly.”

    Lisa Horrigan - Health, Safety, & Environmental Coordinator - Cyclo Industries
  • “No discrepancies, nothing to correct.” “With your assistance it went a hell of a lot smoother.” “It was a pleasant surprise … my Christmas present”

    Lisa Strickland - Owner, Mobilab
  • Other consultants asked us to follow their procedure, but Compliancehelp worked with us .. we felt very comfortable working with them.
    Compliancehelp is very kind and detail oriented. They made a manual that was very suitable for us so we did not need to take extra steps to comply with ISO.

    Kozo Amemiya - Owner, Airy Technology
  • “With the final result I was extremely pleased … Perfectly satisfied with how it worked”.

    Carl Ulfig - President, J & C Laser Services
  • Utterly professional and provided Secom with not only excellent service, but improvements in certain areas of our current procedures

    Ross Barnes - General Manager
  • It was much simpler than we first thought, that’s for sure. Easy steps to follow. Certification went without a hitch.

    Luke Galvin - Managing Director
  • The auditor actually commented that he enjoys auditing the work done by Compliancehelp. I was amazed at how smoothly its gone… It was very settling.

    Bob Nigro - Managing Director
  • Found the consultant professional, knowledgeable, easy to understand, and easy to work with.

    Neil Wilson - Designer
  • “Sulzer would like to thank you and Compliancehelp for their assistance in getting this done. We understand you have extended your support and replied to all our emails and answered all our queries. We remain indebted to Compliancehelp for achieving the certification. Once again thank you for the services rendered.”

    Santosh Kumar - QESH - Sulzer Pumps
  • … has helped us streamline our management systems. I really liked that they didn’t want to change what we are doing. It was simple to adapt to QA.

    Brian Gabriel - Director
  • Very well approached and simplistic. Catered to our needs. Friendly and approachable. A good experience. Not just needs and compliance met, but has had a positive impact.

    Adam Butler - Director, Indianic Diving Services
  • You’re a Superstar

    Roland Palazzolo - Managing Director
  • We have found the process very beneficial…the process with Compliancehelp as well as the certification identified where the systems needed tightening up.

    Robyn Condon - Mgr Community Services
  • Completely happy, exceeded our expectations. Something that seemed daunting was simple. Took the headache out of it.

    Xristos Anictomatis - Managing Director
  • Easiest and smoothest implementation of any accreditation that I have ever done. I would work with Compliancehelp on any certification in the future.

    Valentina Taparcevski - Qual. Co-ord.
  • Went really really well. We liked the fact that there was no additional paperwork. It was a simple process to reach certification. The consultant was fantastic.

    Amanda Nielsen - PA to the Director
  • Very enjoyable. – easy! These certifications have made all of our staff much more confident in what they do and how they do it.

    Deb Delimitros - Partner
  • We found it exceptionally helpful. The services were definitely worth the dollars spent. The external auditor complimented us on the system.

    Shilo Tombe - Partner
  • The Auditor was very impressed with the simplicity of our MIS document – the briefest but most effective QA document he has seen…

    Matthew Clarke - Management
  • It gave me peace of mind; it meant that I could concentrate on other things, like produce dollars. The benefits to our company have already been felt…

    Warwick Spiller - Managing Director
  • Having completed your … audit today, I have gained a strong insight into how well you put together your customer’s … systems together. I would have no hesitation on recommending you for this work.

    Roger Dennerley - Auditor
  • This system is exactly what we required. BRILLIANT!

    Trevor Schuck - Works Manager
  • Over the course of our work with Compliancehelp, I have seen the change in our company culture and we have made significant improvements in efficiency.

    Ken Varcoe - Managing Director
  • I would like to thank you for all the thought and effort that you have put into the project. I am proud of the finished result…

    Alan M. Jones - Managing Director
  • The attitude toward helping management and their co-workers is much stronger. YES, I believe that this is well worth it…I believe that there is now a much better attitude and respect within our workplace.

    Lance Firmin - Workshop Manager
  • Gave exactly what we wanted. Was flexible, gave good service, good backup, tidied up loose ends, time frame was good. Most happy.

    Jeff Eastwood - General Manager
  • I have just completed the certification audit for this company who have an excellent system and I was quite happy to recommend their certification. Well done

    - Auditor
  • The experience … has been a rewarding one. The entire process was very predictable and was based on much common sense.

    Codrin Mitin - Managing Director
  • Fantastic. An eye opener. I’ve sat in terror in front of an auditor before, but really, this is no issue and it makes life easy for everyone else.

    Jan Phillips - Document Controller
  • Well organized and followed up to ensure everything was done. Gave very clear instructions as to what was required. Easy to relate to.

    - Managing Director
  • Very good. Easy to understand. Made everything excellent. Was made in a language I could understand. The job ran very smoothly.

    Pauline Thompson - Administration Manager
  • Extremely happy … Already started to give benefits, the certificate just caps it off. What was implemented was excellent.

    Dave Hackett - Director
  • We were surprised at how easy it was to achieve certification. Very professional. The simplicity of the process amazed us.

    - Director
  • “It was great. We went through and passed. You did a great job. You prepared me for what they would be asking for. Everything was great, everything was smooth.”

    (ISO 9001. Started from scratch 8 April 2014. Certified 7th of May 2014.)

    Armando DIaz - COO, Relcor, Inc. FLORIDA USA
  • I enjoyed the whole process, it was a good experience. Working with Compliancehelp has been a pleasure. very easy to understand. Took the mystery out of ISO.

    Peter Mundy - Operations Manager
  • By having Compliancehelp formalise our management system to meet ISO 9001, we were able to secure a government contract potentially worth $9,000,000

    Blair Cunningham - General Manager
  • The guys on the site were blown away at how simple this was. They got something in writing that flows.

    Mick Bould - Quality Manager
  • Without your cooperation and services, this was not achievable.

    Umesh Banga - Assistant CEO
  • Helped by blowing air into our sails. … such an unpainful experience. Such a relief to not be over-regulated. Disruption to the business was minimised.

    Stephanie Gustafson - Director
  • Gaining QA with Compliancehelp was quick, painless, positive & professional. It was a lot easier than expected.

    Alexander Nowell - Director
  • It streamlined alot of processes. Very pleased. We thought it would be a horrendous amount of work, but were greatly surprised and pleased instead.

    Kim Gaard - Managing Director
  • It was wonderful … What I liked most was: Straight to the point, Wrote to our individual needs and not 17 volumes of generic rubbish. Fantastic, an enjoyable few days.

    Louis Haslam - Director
  • Not tied down with paper. Working around what we do. System is easy to monitor. A breeze! Did everything for me.

    Greg - Manager
  • We have received our ISO Certification … Thanks again for making the process so painless! It went really well. All due to how simple you made it for us.

    Rachael Rose - General Manager
  • The consultant cleared the air and made it more understandable. Put on paper what could have been a difficult thing and made it common sense.

    Greg Rattenbury - Managing Dir.
  • Professional, uncomplicated, and a pleasurable experience.

    Greg Transell - General Manager
  • I really liked that he didn’t want to change what we are doing. Did not impact dramatically on the business. It was simple to adapt to QA.

    Mick Bould - Quality Manager
  • Very pleased and happy with the professional nature of the quality manual.

    Ben Tornatore - Operations Manager
  • I have conducted certification and surveillance audits on many of Damon’s clients. Certification has been achieved by all
    companies audited.

    Oliver Evans - Managing Director
  • It was all common sense. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Grace Perez - Managing DIrector
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