What Is the ISO 17025 Certification? Obtain Knowledge from Experts

The ISO 17025 is the global benchmark for establishing the framework and requirements for uncompromised, competent, and consistent operations of laboratories and calibration centers. People often need to learn what the ISO 17025 certification is in order to be able to register their system for accreditation. Today, online forums offer a lot of relevant information on international management standards. Those sources of information are helpful for building a basic understanding of the standard but to better understand the requirements a better method is seeking help from experts. Every certification standard has a specific set of clauses that defines the basic requirements for establishing a standardized management system. A quick online search might offer you a vague and inaccurate amount or insight, however trained ISO experts provide experience, skills, and knowledge regarding different standards and their effectiveness in individual industries. Therefore, considering their opinions before proceeding with the system implementation and registration is recommended. Before understanding their role, let’s have a brief discussion.

What Is the ISO 17025 Certification?

This certification ensures a laboratory operates efficiently in conducting and producing error-free and impartial results by performing accurate tests and calibration. Accreditation brings acknowledgment to a company by ensuring that it has an acceptable system for quality managementthat adheres to all rules and ultimately meets customer expectations. The objective of this certification is to help laboratories stand out as reliable enterprises that perform competently and produce valid results for their customers. The quality management system of ISO 17025 is designed to promote confidence among the workforce of the laboratories so that they make valuable efforts to earn customer loyalty.

What are the main requirements of ISO 17025?

Like any other ISO management system standard,ISO 17025 has a distinct set of clauses followed by requirements. The major criteria, which a company must fulfill to get certified are:

  • Scope – The objective of the standard
  • Normative references – Brief details on the references for the standard
  • Terms and conditions – Definition of the terminology as used in the ISO 17025
  • The general requirements – Maintaining impartiality while producing the testing results and keeping the confidentiality of thedata
  • Structural requirements – Outlining the fundamental structure, process, and components of the management system
  • Resources – A total of six types of resources are necessary, which are – personnel, general, environmental conditions, metrological traceability, equipment, and facilities
  • Process requirements – For consistent improvement, the standard requires technical records, sampling, verification methods, review of the tenders, calibration items, data control, and nonconforming work
  • Management system requirements – A set of activities and responsibilities, which the management team must accomplish per the QMS of the company. If the laboratory is a part of a large company that has its own QMS, then that should be followed as well.

Why Should I consult with an Expert?

The requirements listed above are the primary clauses of the ISO 17025. To achieve this accreditation, an organization must have a comprehensive understanding and experts should be consulted. Online templates are not a wise option. An ISO consultancy expert typically helps you with the following.

1. Consultation – The experts simplify terms and conditions so that you comprehend them accurately. For any ISO certification, a company is expected to adhere to the basic regulations. Consultants provide proper references to accelerate the process for their clients. They offer suggestions to further meet all the requirements.

2. Gap analysis and filling – Every organization has flaws in its system. The consultants determine the gap(s) between the productive power of the existing system and the fundamental objective and scope of the organization. Without prior experience and skills, close inspection for detecting gaps and suggesting relevant strategies can be hard. These experts are proficient in gap analysis. They use their industry knowledge and experience in designing corrective measures too.

3. Audit and reviews – One of the most crucial phases of the certification is the audit. Your management team cannot do that if they do not have experience and a certificate in auditing. The internal audit is done to ensure all operations are performing per expectations and goals of the company and their standards. The consulting experts are certified auditors, who conduct the internal audit and review meetings from time to time. They discuss recurrent issues and recommend corrective measures for constant improvement.

Bottom line

The internet might offer you a general answer for what the ISO 17025 certification is, but it’s not sufficient for gaining understanding of how to achieve it. Take expert guidance from reputed companies who are in the field for more than twenty years. The experts must have relevant experience in the specific field.

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