The Five Influencing Factors That Determine the AS9100 Certification Cost

What does the AS9100 certification cost approximately?This is one of the most common and frequently asked questions in the aerospace service industry. This certification is the quality management standard for this industry. It was originally published by the Society of Automotive Engineers as a “Quality Systems-Aerospace-Model for Quality Assurance in Design, Development, Production, Installation and Servicing.”

The standard ensures that all the resources (technical and human) used by this service are efficient and able to meet customers’ satisfaction levels. The industry demands safe and reliable products for both civilian and military aviation and therefore, the benchmarks are high. The reason the demand for this certification is high is because competition within this sector is rising.

Unfortunately, in most cases, the authoritative bodies are more concerned about the money than maintaining quality. From small to large-size, company leaders and executives are concerned about the cost upfront. There are countless benefits of implementing this course, and therefore the number of companies applying for this registration keeps increasing.

The following blog discusses the cost and the five items that strongly influence the final cost.

What does the AS9100 certification cost?

The registration cost can be divided into 3 distinct parts:

1. Registration audit – A contract is agreed upon and the cost for the audit depends on the size of the company. It can include travel costs and other expenditures that were taken while conducting the analysis.

2. Cost for internal management – A specific amount of cost is required for educating employees and for building an effective system.

3. Outside help cost – To accomplish all the stages of the certifications, companies often require hiring consultants or buy the latest tools. Instead of expert consultants, companies often opt for training packages or all-in-one documentation.

The all-in-one package costs less than the cost of hiring consultants, however, both depend on the number of employees and the current condition of the quality system of a company. The following table might clear your doubts:

Employee strengthQuality system in placeAll-in-one per hourConsultant per hour
1-25No system yet$997$4800
1-25Basic quality system$997$3600
1-25Excellent quality system$997$1920
26-100No system yet$997$14000
26-100Basic quality system$997$10500
26-100Excellent quality system$997$5600
101 – 250No system yet$997$25000
101 – 250Basic quality system$997$18750
101 – 250Excellent quality system$997$10000

The chart is considered the standard by companies, but you will need to consult your consultant and or can rely on proper online sites.

Which factors influence the cost?

1. Employee number

Since educating and training the employees is necessary inside this certification process, it is necessary to account for proper headcount. The total number of employees decides the final cost while allowing consultants to conduct everything.

2. The condition of the existing quality management system

The cost of the entire program can change based on the inspection of the current quality system. If the company already has a basic QMS, then the charge is comparatively low for hiring consultants. However, if there is no system used inside the company presently, then a consultant is likely to charge more.

3. Use of technologies

Another crucial factor is the cost of the technologies used during the process. From educating your employees, training, and other modifications. The overall cost will depend highly on the tools and devices used in the process.

4. Cost of employee time

Without employee engagement and their contribution, your company cannot build an efficient quality management system. The cost depends on the time training your existing workforce.

5. External assistance

If your management team is unable to conduct different analyses and audits of the AS9100 lack any concrete understanding, then you will need external assistance. The cost of consultants and other necessary tools and devices varies. To be precise, the charges submitted by consultants completely rely on their experience and knowledge he/she has in a particular field.

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