Christmas is Near: It’s Time to Make Quality Your Top Priority

With Christmas around the corner and sales expected to soar high, it is time to give utmost importance to quality and meeting the expectations of your customers.

The secret to success for any business is ‘quality’! A quality management system (QMS) validated with ISO 9001 certification will never let you down and it will help ensure improvements leading to customer satisfaction with best quality assurance practices. Besides giving motivation to address all quality management aspects more effectively, certification is also helpful motivation to revise your existing QMS for the better. So, revising your QMS and achieving compliance with ISO 9001 will help to make your services or products more quality-driven in Christmas as well as in New Year ahead.

But, how does a QMS certified to ISO standards ensure quality? How will help you to meet customer expectations and ensure promising sales during and it after the festivities? Let’s find out.

Improving Your QMS with ISO 9001 Certification can help Spark Sales in Christmas

Develops a Robust Culture of Quality

While you may have an existing and ambiguous QMS, getting it certified with an international standard will help make it robust and incorporate a culture of quality across your organization. ISO 9001 is designed to meet every key quality requirement and will help to standardize your QMS and improve it in every way. An ISO compliant QMS helps in establishing a ‘process approach’ which will help integrate all processes related to production and delivery of products/services, eliminate wastes or inconsistencies, and make the sales team more responsible. A comprehensive quality management approach will help every member of your organization follow common methodologies or practices. Also, everything should be documented under the ISO 9001 QMS, so each employee can have the assurance they are compliant with management plans, policies and procedures.

Helps to Leverage Customer Feedback in QMS

With your eyes targeted on Christmas sales, an effective QMS can help to improve your relationship with customers. Use the feedback that your business gathered from them all year to bring improvements in your products or services. Customers seek for products or services that will consistently satisfy their needs and that they can return to or repurchase whenever needed. Use your QMS to solicit customer feedback every day and use the feedback as an opportunity to enhance your product or service. Also, having a system to constantly solicit customer feedback will let your business maintain communication with customers. Sending seasonal greetings or promotional messages, receiving queries from customers, and giving quick replies, could all become a normal habitual process of your business. This will further strengthen your relationships with customers and ensure more loyalty.

Corrective Actions Will Be Implemented Quickly

With the other systems, mistakes may be resolved but could be resolved more efficiently with an ISO compliant QMS. A prominent and certified QMS will ensure your business can efficiently deal with mistakes or errors. It will help with developing corrective measures after investigating the mistakes and their root causes and then eliminating them. A QMS can help to prevent the reoccurrence of incidents and mistakes. Also, an ISO compliant system that ensures the implementation of corrective actions will ensure improvements. For instance, in case any incorrect shipment, customer complaint or refund claim, an effective action can be initiated and promptly dealt with which is helpful for maintaining your sales performance.

Risk Management is Assured

This is a vital achievement for a business assured with ISO 9001 certification. It can help in making your sales process smoother, delivery faster and risks lower. The standard requires an effective risk management system to be included in the QMS for risk identification and implementation of corrective or preventive measures. It is necessary to ensure that any uncertainty will not harm the business process or continuity. Therefore, with a risk management system, your sales team can be more aware of the risks and quickly avert them with affecting customers or their market position.

Develops a Strong Review Management System

A QMS will help your business management oversee all aspects of production and sales and ensure there are no inefficiencies. Quality assurance also helps ensure quality services or goods to customers. Therefore, there is a need for a proper reviewing system to ensure everything, from eliminating risks or inconsistencies to ensuring timely delivery. You might have some key performance indicators (KPIs) established that are directed towards your business goal or vision. With the review system, you can measure your KPIs over time and determine the progress of your business. A QMS calls for this type of consistent reviewing system. It will allow every department, including sales and distribution, to measure their respective performance metrics accurately and decide on next initiatives or course of actions.

Key Takeaway!

ISO 9001 certification along with any other quality assurance initiative is crucial for businesses to deal with mounting sales and customer demands during peak seasons without compromising on quality. With a comprehensive QMS implemented, improvements in quality and sales services are more likely. Furthermore, complying with an international quality standard will help your QMS incorporate best practices and provide all-round assurance to customers. It gives credibility to your organization that your sales team can use as a “unique selling proposition” or USP while marketing for peak season sales.

All together, ISO 9001 promises a competent, customer-focused and robust QMS. That’s a perfect recipe for sales and growth. If your business still hasn’t implemented the standard, get it done before Christmas. You never know, this could be the biggest game-changer for your business. By helping your business address customer preferences or needs in a better way, it can give a vital edge to your sales performance. So, get ready to make your business’s QMS compliant with ISO 9001 before Christmas and soar to new heights in the year waiting ahead.

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