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AS9100 Certification

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AS9100 Standard: The Benchmark for Aerospace Quality
Why Your Aerospace Business Needs AS9100 Certification?
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    To find more about AS9100, check out our section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
    FAQs about AS9100

    AS9100 standard is developed by the joint efforts of international authorities i.e., IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers International) to help aerospace businesses create a strong and standardized QMS. It is recognized globally by organizations in the aviation, space research and defense segments. Businesses involved in the manufacturing, supplying or servicing of aerospace products or parts need this certification to prove that their products meet quality regulations, safety and legal compliance. So becoming AS9100 certified make them eligible as suppliers in the aerospace supply chain and gain the confidence of giant organizations in the aviation, space and defense sectors.

    There is no such fixed cost for getting your business AS9100 certified. It primarily includes two types of costs. First is the cost for implementation of a compliant QMS and the second is economic cost which includes consultation expenses, fees of the certification body, etc. Both costs depend on the size of the aerospace business and current state of its QMS.

    If your aerospace company already has a good QMS in place, you need some adjustments or improvements to make it compliant with AS9100 requirements. In that case, implementation costs will be considerably low. However, if you need to implement a QMS from the beginning, it will require more labor, time, and resources which results in higher implementation costs. Also, a small company, whether it has a QMS or not will always take less time in imparting AS9100 training and achieving compliance than for a large-sized company. Therefore, the cost of achieving certification is much lower for a small business than a large multifaceted company.

    To get your aerospace business certified, you need to establish a robust QMS that fulfills all the obligations of the AS9100 standard. When you consider the QMS to be successfully implemented, you need to apply to a registrar or a certification body for getting the certification. They would carry out a thorough audit to check whether your QMS fulfills all the requirements as underlined by the standard. When they confirm that your business fulfills them, you shall receive the certification.

    Internal audit is hence a daunting process. Hiring AS9100 certification consultants can ease your tension about internal audit and help you pass it easily. They would check for any nonconformities or potential issues in the QMS. So you will be able to make the necessary corrections in the QMS before the certification body comes for the external audit.

    Clearly, to make your business qualified for aerospace certification, you need to have an established and competent QMS in place. Also, there are no particular types of aerospace businesses that can qualify for the certification. Any business across the aerospace industry whether it is engaged in designing, engineering, servicing or distribution of aerospace products or parts can qualify for it.

    AS9100 certification is absolutely the right thing for your organization if you want it to exist as a part of the global aerospace supply chain. It is the benchmark standard for the aerospace industry and achieving it shall demonstrate your organization’s commitment to meeting the highest quality standard. It would hence assure the safety and credibility of your products, enabling you to become a supplier to the industry leaders or giant organizations.

    AS9100 is on the general quality standard, ISO 9001 which is most accepted worldwide by all types of businesses. There have been new requirements added to the ISO 9001 standard which make it specific to aerospace quality management. The most important additional requirements involve product safety, product realization and planning, counterfeit parts, configuration management, supplier management, configuration management, raw material testing, and human factors.

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      The AS9100 standard

      AS9100 and AS9110 is the benchmark standard, which provides your customers with a better and simpler way of determining whether you are a viable and attractive alternative to their other suppliers. 

      Consider the effect your suppliers have on your product. Across the supply chain, there are so many things that could go wrong, and its effect can be devastating. By engaging a supplier with AS9100 certification, you feel more confident of the quality of product or service you receive.

      Aerospace Standard
      AS9100 Standard

      Achieving certification to AS9100 instills higher confidence in your own business set up, and it helps you deliver and maintain the quality. AS9100 certification means that you meet the benchmark for a supplier to the aerospace industry.

      Poor quality in the aerospace industry can and will affect the viability and longevity of your organization. It is critical that the risk of mistakes and non-conformances are minimized. AS9100 provides your organization with guidance in developing a solid and effective management systems thereby improving the viability and longevity of your organization.

      You can get in front of your competitors in the aerospace industry by achieving certification to AS9100. Many organizations in the aerospace industry are snubbing those that are uncertified, preferring to work with those that have invested in their systems and quality. If it seems certification is not necessary at this stage, don’t be surprised if it suddenly becomes necessary. Furthermore, if certification to AS9100 meant the difference between you winning and losing a contract, it is simply too late to backtrack after you have lost a contract. You have missed the opportunity (for now) that could have been yours had you acted earlier.

      Key Aspects of the AS9100 Standard

      If you want to adopt the standard, you need to learn the key aspects of the standard first. These key aspects are-
      Risk- Based Approach
      Product Safety
      Human Factors
      Organizational Context
      Accountability and Performance Evaluation
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