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Soft costs: Average cost of implementation


There are few studies where the internal cost of implementing an ISO 9001 management system have been carefully compared against the cost of the consultant.  This is very important as the internal costs are often ignored, probably because they are difficult to quantify.

After a brief Google search two studies were found that help to quantify the internal costs of implementing an ISO 9001 management system (based on wages) against the cost of the consultant.

A summary of the results of the search are provided in the table below. Note that live links to the articles will be provided at the end of this post:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.34.03 AM

In summary, internal costs (based on wages) averaged approximately 3.6 times the cost of the consultant. What are these internal costs made up of? It is the cost of training staff and implementing new processes.

You’re probably wondering whether Compliancehelp has a solution to reducing these internal costs? We are pleased to answer this with an emphatic YES!!!

While most consultants around our price range use templates to create your management system, we do not. By employing our unique consulting method, we are able to cut down the cost of training and implementing of new processes by writing to your existing processes as much as possible. Put simply, we do not try to fit you into a template system. By employing this unique method, your organization needs next to no training or implementation.

Our unique method allows us to develop your management system the way that it was meant to be developed, with full customization and without a time-saving template, at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

To get an idea of how this affects your internal costs, a small client of Compliancehelp typically invests approximately a combined total of 24-80 man-hours over a period of two months implementing their management system. To summarize using the higher range, 80 man hours at a wage of $40/hour equals $US 3,200 or approximately €2,430. Compared against €18,000 mentioned in the table above, the cost of implementing a Compliancehelp assisted management system is 7.4 times less.

Live links to above articles:

Implementing ISO 9001 in a medium size US physician

Implementing ISO 9001 in small greek winery

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