Our unique method can get you ISO certified in as quick as 30 days with no compromise on quality. 

Draw-backs of using Unaccredited Certification Bodies:

There are a number of drawbacks if not using a certification body that is accredited by any of the recognised accreditation bodies throughout the world:

  1. If you elect to NOT use an accredited certification body, there is no certification oversight. Therefore, who will you complain to if something goes wrong with your certification or if you’re not happy with the service provided?
  2. At some stage, you may decide to switch between certification bodies perhaps because of a price difference or disappointing service. Switching between certification bodies is very simple if both bodies are accredited. If you are switching from an un-accredited body to an accredited one, your previous certification will not be recognised

  3. Unaccredited certification is not regulated. Unfortunately, you may not be getting what you thought you were paying for.

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  • MINIMAL IMPLEMENTATION Normally considered the highest cost of ISO compliance, our unique method helps keep implementation costs to a bare minimum.
  • WE DON'T MESS YOU AROUND Most consultants stay at your site too long, soaking up valuable resources. Our lean methodology ensures we are on site for a minimum time for maximum results.
  • ONGOING COMPLIANCE All of our clients are empowered to maintain their ISO certifications every year after we have helped them. No more consulting fees.
  • SATISFIED CLIENTS We can say all we want too about ourselves, but we know that it is what our clients say that really counts. See our testimonials tab above for more.